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Nuclear & Chemical Sciences | On the frontier of nuclear physics, particle physics, and chemistry

As a discipline organization at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the Nuclear and Chemical Sciences (NACS) division offers deep expertise in physics and chemistry.

Combined with experience conducting programmatic work in nuclear and chemical science, we are able to provide innovative solutions for a range of national security problems. Every day, we focus on fundamental science, such as developing cutting-edge tools to uncover new chemical signatures or studying plasma effects on nuclear reactions. Our world-class capabilities in radiation detection, chemical and nuclear forensic science, isotope geochemistry, and environmental radiochemistry also contribute to scientific advancements that help make the world safer. At the Laboratory, scientists explore the chemistry of heavy elements (and discover new ones), chase elusive new particles, and answer important scientific questions about dark matter, neutrino physics, nuclear structure, nucleosynthesis, and the origins of the universe.

In addition to our technical mission, we actively build our expertise by collaborating with the scientific community, organizing summer schools, working closely with the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute, and hiring postdocs.

Division Leader: Dawn Shaughnessy
Deputy Division Leader, Operations (Acting): Erick Ramon
Deputy Division Leader, Science & Technology: Erich Ormand

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Our mission:
To advance scientific understanding, capabilities, and technologies in nuclear and particle physics, radiochemistry, forensic science, and isotopic signatures to support the science and security missions of LLNL.