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The Atmospheric, Earth, & Energy Division is a team of collaborative and innovative people who work to make the world safer, the environment cleaner, and our energy resources more sustainable.

Explore this page to learn more about the people who make up our team.

To learn about the division’s mission and research focus, visit the Atmospheric, Earth, & Energy Science webpage.

Agosta, Deanna Marie
Deanna Agosta
Aronson, Ryan Michael
Ryan Aronson
Bagley, Allison
Allison Bagley
Barama, Louisa
Louisa Barama
Brown, Tom
Tom Brown
Buscheck, Tom
Tom Buscheck
Camarillo, Sarah
Sarah Camarillo
Cardinale, Alyssa Michelle
Alyssa Cardinale
Carrigan, Charles Roger
Charles Carrigan
Castelletto, Nicola
Nicola Castelletto
Corbett, Benjamin Curtice
Benjamin Corbett
Covey, Curt
Curt Covey
Cox, Christopher
Christopher Cox
Cruz, Jessica
Jessica Cruz
Cyr, Andrew John
Andrew Cyr
Diao, Minghui
Minghui Diao
Diaz Isaac, Liza Ivelisse
Liza Diaz Isaac
Dillon, Michael B.
Michael Dillon
Dong, Bo
Bo Dong
Eastwood, Craig Douglas
Craig Eastwood
Ezzedine, Souheil M.
Souheil Ezzedine