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Great science starts with great people.

Over 1000 people make up the heart of Physical and Life Sciences. Each person’s unique talents and background contribute to the collaborative teams, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge research that help us make a difference.

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Sophie Parsons

Sophie Parsons

Graduate Student

I’ve had the opportunity to conduct research contributing to cutting-edge scientific problems that have a real impact on the US and the world.”

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Edwin Saada

Edwin Saada

Molecular and Cellular Biologist

I'm interested in host-pathogen interactions and medical countermeasures for emerging infectious diseases.”

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Sabrina Nagel

Sabrina Nagel


I was inspired to go into physics because I wanted to learn how things work in the universe.”

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Hsi-Yen Ma

Hsi-Yen Ma

Atmospheric Scientist

I like my job because I get to work with the best scientists in the world.”

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