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Great science starts with great people.

Over 1000 people make up the heart of Physical and Life Sciences. Each person’s unique talents and background contribute to the collaborative teams, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge research that help us make a difference.

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Amy Lazicki Jenei

Amy Lazicki Jenei


I’m most proud of my team’s effort to field x-ray diffraction experiments on the National Ignition Facility.”

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Liza I. Díaz Isaac

Liza I. Díaz Isaac

Atmospheric Scientist

I pursued my career with the goal contribute to the improvement of different tools used to inform the public about any atmospheric event.”

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Lorisa Emery

Lorisa Emery

Administrative Support

I genuinely enjoy helping others, and if I can make life a little easier for someone, then I’m glad I can be a part of it.”

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Kimber Moreland

Kimber Moreland

Soil Biogeochemist

I work every day to share my love of soil and answer important questions about bioengineering solutions to climate change using soil.”

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