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Great science starts with great people.

Over 1000 people make up the heart of Physical and Life Sciences. Each person’s unique talents and background contribute to the collaborative teams, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge research that help us make a difference.

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Eric Meshot

Eric Meshot

Mechanical Engineer

I wear different hats at the Lab, both leading and supporting interdisciplinary teams developing novel nanocarbon materials for a range of applications.”

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Dina Weilhammer

Dina Weilhammer


I have the opportunity to solve problems of national importance, while also pursuing new ideas and my own scientific interests – a win/win”

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S. Mark Ammons

S. Mark Ammons


At LLNL, I've had the chance to work closely with the world's best optical, electrical, and computer engineers in multiple directorates.”

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Katy Nuding

Katy Nuding

Property Representative

In my role, I get to see lots of different areas and operations around the Lab. It’s very interesting.”

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