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Great science starts with great people.

Over 1000 people make up the heart of Physical and Life Sciences. Each person’s unique talents and background contribute to the collaborative teams, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge research that help us make a difference.

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Jessica Osuna

Jessica Osuna

Atmospheric Scientist

I’m part of an interdisciplinary team dedicated to public safety when there is a threat or actual release of contamination in the atmosphere.”

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Wes Overton

Wes Overton

Biomedical Scientist

I enjoy getting to work with a team of incredibly smart and motivated scientists to develop solutions for real-world problems.”

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Tae Wook Heo

Tae Wook Heo

Computational Materials Scientist

I’m really proud of being part of an excellent consortium, HyMARC, and working with such brilliant people.”

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Erin Nuccio

Erin Nuccio

Soil Microbial Ecologist

I’ve had a long-standing interest in how plant–microbial interactions can be used for the public good.”

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