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The Biosciences & Biotechnology Division (BBTD) lies at the intersection of biological, physical, and engineering sciences. We apply an understanding of fundamental biology to predict and counter emerging biological and chemical threats and to solve problems in health and environmental security.

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Lightstone, Felice C.
Felice Lightstone
Liu, Chao
Chao Liu
Lo, Jacky Kai-Yin
Jacky Lo
Loots, Gaby
Gaby Loots
Lund, Sean Joseph
Sean Lund
Lyman, Matt
Matt Lyman
Mabery, Shalini L.
Shalini Mabery
Madsen, Cody Scott
Cody Madsen
Malfatti, Mike
Mike Malfatti
Malfatti, Stephanie A.
Stephanie Malfatti
Manning, Christa
Christa Manning
Mccloy, Summer A.
Summer Mccloy
Mccool, Jillian Lisann
Jillian Mccool
Mcintire, William Camden
William Mcintire
Mendez, Melanie Esperanza Andrea
Melanie Mendez
Mitchell-Hall, Tuijauna
Tuijauna Mitchell-Hall
Morfin, Cesar
Cesar Morfin
Murugesh, Deepa K.
Deepa Murugesh
Musharrafieh, Rami Shaaban Ghassan
Rami Shaaban Musharrafieh
Narayanasamy, Sankar Raju
Sankar Raju Narayanasamy
Negrete, Oscar Alfredo
Oscar Negrete
Olivas, Jason A.
Jason Olivas
Oppenheimer, Lucas Cole
Lucas Oppenheimer
Paulo, Char
Char Paulo
Pei, Jun
Jun Pei
Peters, Sandra K G
Sandra Peters
Peterson, Alexander Ethan
Alexander Peterson
Phillips, Ashlee M.
Ashlee M. Phillips