Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dongxia Qu

Materials Scientist

Materials Science Division

May 21, 2020

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy taking advantage of the freedom to propose and conduct work important for national security at the Lab. I enjoy focusing on quality rather than quantity when it comes to delivering projects. I especially enjoy working with talented colleagues from different fields and background.

What is one project you’re really proud to have worked on?

One of the projects I am proud to have worked on is the Laboratory Directed Research and Development project “Enhanced Coherence for Quantum Sensing and Simulation,“ where I discovered a new quantum material with emergent superconductivity.

What is your educational or career background?

I was trained as an experimental physicist at Princeton University, where I obtained my PhD. After completing a three-year postdoctoral appointment at the Lab, I became a staff scientist in the Materials Science Division. I’ve worked at the Lab for 8 years.

What do your day-to-day work activities include?

My typical work activities include reading papers, writing papers and proposals, performing experiments, analyzing data, attending meetings and talks, and discussing projects with teammates.

What inspired you to go into science/your field of work?

I love the excitement of being the person who unlocks the mysteries of physics. Making a discovery gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

What do you do in your free time?

In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies and going hiking with my family to get outdoors. I also love reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, and jogging. And I love growing flowers and vegetables to relax during weekends.

Are you a member of any employee networking groups?

I’m a member of the Asian Pacific American Council (APAC).

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