Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Work together for success

Work together for success

Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (CAMS) 

Director:  Graham Bench
Established in 1988, CAMS is a signature facility of LLNL that uses diverse analytical techniques and state of the art instrumentation, to develop and apply unique, ultra-sensitive isotope ratio measurement and ion beam analytical techniques to address a broad spectrum of scientific needs important to the Laboratory and the nation.

Glenn T. Seaborg Institute 

Director:   Mavrik Zavarin
Established in 1991, the LLNL branch of the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute conducts collaborative research between LLNL and the academic community in radiochemistry and nuclear forensics. The Seaborg Institute serves as a national center for the education and training of undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs and faculty in transactinium science.

High Energy Density Science Center 

Director (Acting):  Frank Graziani
The mission for the High Energy Density Science (HEDS) Center is to strengthen fundamental research collaborations in the field of HEDS between LLNL and the academic community. As part of this mission, HEDS facilitates access for students and faculty to LLNL HEDS experimental facilities and high performance computing resources in order to support university students and faculty research important to the Department of Energy (DOE).