Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Contact:  Jackie Kenneally

Stockpile Radiochemistry Group Scientists perform radiochemical and mass spectrometric analysis on a wide variety of samples to determine the identity and content of the stable and radioactive species. Samples are evaluated for the stockpile stewardship program to help maintain the reliability of the stockpile. For the nuclear forensics program, chemical separations, radiation counting and mass spectrometric isotope ratio analyses are used to identify signatures in materials in order to determine their origins and production methods. Law enforcement uses the results of these analyses to help prevent illegal trafficking of nuclear materials. Isotope production and separation is also used for creating realistic forensic samples that are sent to laboratories across the country for exercises and method development. R&D efforts are focused on modernizing the nuclear data of key actinide, fission product and activation product radioisotopes that provide unambiguous signatures for forensics applications.