Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Contact:  Bryan Bandong

NACS Division scientists are recognized experts in chemical, explosive, and nuclear forensics, and a team led by NACS scientists currently operates one of only two laboratories in the US certified by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) for the analysis of alleged proliferation of chemical agents in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Forensic Science Center (FSC).

The personnel involved in the Radiation Measurements Program efforts range from basic research on materials for radiation detection to advanced data-analysis techniques to field operations and applications for the next generation safeguards and global threat reduction initiatives. NACS Division and Forensic Science Center scientists operate one of only two laboratories in the US accredited under ISO17025 to perform analyses for the FBI. Our staff routinely supports multiple agencies including DHS, DNDO, DoS, DoI, FEMA, DoD and several USG intelligence agencies.

The actinide mass spectrometry laboratories also support the IAEA Network of Analytical Laboratories through support from the State Department and the Bulk Special Nuclear Materials Analytical Program and Nuclear Materials Information Program sponsored by NNSA, DHS, and the FBI. Technical experts from the Safeguards, Nonproliferation and Response group assist the US Government in interagency and international treaty negotiations.