Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Contact:   Simon Labov

Simon Labov is the Nuclear Security Physics Group Leader and the Associate Program Leader for Nuclear Detection Systems and Algorithms in Global Security. Dr. Labov also leads several projects developing machine learning and data fusion techniques to enhance nuclear threat detection while reducing false alarms in systems ranging from giant radiation portal monitors to tiny detectors that could be carried by >10,000 people.

Nuclear Security Physics Mission

The mission of the Nuclear Security Physics Group is to apply technology and expertise of nuclear threats and physics to solve national questions and problems in nuclear security.

The primary ST&E challenge for the group is to develop and integrate expertise of nuclear and high-energy physics as it reveals unique characteristics of a full range of threats to develop detection and analysis techniques for field applications to solve nuclear threat problems.

The Group's objectives include:

  • Serve as a conduit between the nuclear and high energy physics communities and the research needs of Global Security .
    • Communicate program needs to relevant Physics staff (e.q. Threat/Non-Threat, disablement options, screening for once in a generation detection while reliably clearing benign sources)
    • Make Nuclear Security Physics S&T capabilities more accessible to PLS through better coordination
  • Provide group and individual recognition in nuclear security research community
    • Foster collaborations with the nuclear science and engineering communities
    • Establish new research thrusts, present and publish results
    • Track placement opportunities in universities, national laboratories, industry and DC
  • Provide better products
    • Better instrumentation with broader adoption
    • Reports, codes, and databases to improve signatures and analysis techniques for the detection, classification, identification, localization and tracking of nuclear materials