Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Michael Weller

Postdoctoral Appointment
Physics Division

Ph.D. Physics
University of Nevada, Reno
B.S. Physics
Arkansas Tech University

Research Interests

I am interested in x-ray and extreme ultraviolet radiation from high temperature plasmas. In particular I study spectroscopy which can be used to infer plasma conditions, such as electron temperature and density, based on different line ratios and also be used to study impurities within the plasma. Currently I am fielding three extreme ultraviolet spectrometers on the NSTX-U device at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory for impurity monitoring and assessing of wall conditioning techniques.

Honors and Awards

  • Lamar High School (AR) Valedictorian Class of 2003, 4.0 GPA
  • Physics Student of the Year, Arkansas Tech University, 2007
  • Jerry & Betty Wilson Physics Scholarship (2009 and 2012)
  • Current Student Spotlight for the NNSA/DOE Stewardship Science Academic Programs Annual 2013 (pg. 29)

Selected (Recent) Publications

M.E. Weller, A.S. Safronova, V.L. Kantsyrev, I. Shrestha, A. Stafford, V.V. Shlyaptseva, E.E. Petkov, "Temporal characteristics and radiative properties of uniform Mo and combined with Al triple planar wire arrays", High Energy Density Physics 15, 71-77 (2015).

M.E. Weller, A.S. Safronova, V.L. Kantsyrev, A.A. Esaulov, I. Shrestha, J.P. Apruzese, J.L. Giuliani, A.S. Chuvatin, A. Stafford, S.F. Keim, V.V. Shlyaptseva, G.C. Osborne, E.E. Petkov, "Radiation from Ag high energy density Z-pinch plasmas and applications to lasing", Physics of Plasmas 21, 031206 (2014).

M.E. Weller, A.S. Safronova, V.L. Kantsyrev, A.A. Esaulov, C.A. Coverdale, A.S. Chuvatin, N.D. Ouart, K.M. Williamson, I. Shrestha, G.C. Osborne, V.V. Shlyaptseva, S.F. Keim, A. Stafford, "Radiative properties of mixed nested cylindrical wire arrays on Zebra at UNR", High Energy Density Physics 8, 184-189 (2012).

M.E. Weller, A.S. Safronova, J. Clementson, V.L. Kantsyrev, U.I. Safronova, P. Beiersdorfer, E.E. Petkov, P.G. Wilcox, G.C. Osborne, "Extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy and modeling of Cu on the SSPX Spheromak and laser plasma 'Sparky'", Rev. Sci. Inst. 83, 10E101 (2012).

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