Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jeffrey Montgomery

Postdoctral Appointment
Physics Division

 +1 925-424-2799

Ph.D. Physics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
New Mexico State University
B.S. Mathematics and Physics
New Mexico State University

Research Interests

High-pressure, high-temperature physics. I study phase diagrams, metastability, and the kinetics of transitions in pure elements by studying crystal structure and optical and electronic properties of materials at high pressure. I perform diffraction measurements with rapidly varying pressure/temperature conditions to study the effects of kinetics and to study entire phase diagrams with single-shot experiments.

Selected (Recent) Publications

Montgomery JM, Samudrala GK, Velisavljevic N, Vohra YK. "High-pressure high-temperature phase diagram of gadolinium studied using a boron-doped heater anvil". Journal of Applied Physics (accepted, awaiting publication).

Vohra YK, Samudrala GK, Moore SL, Montgomery JM, Tsoi GM, Velisavljevic N. "High pressure studies using two-stage diamond micro-anvils grown by chemical vapor deposition". High Pressure Research 35(3) 2015.

Smith SJ, Bishop MM, Montgomery JM, Hamilton TP, Vohra YK. "Polymorphism in Paracetamol: Evidence of Additional Forms IV and V at High Pressure". Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118(31) 2014.

Samudrala GK. Tsoi GM. Stanishevsky AV. Montgomery JM, Vohra YK. "Conducting Boron-doped single crystal diamond films for high pressure research". High Pressure Research 31(3) 2011.

Montgomery JM. Samudrala GK. Tsoi GM. Vohra YK. "High-pressure phase transitions in rare earth metal thulium to 195 GPa." Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23(15) 2011.

Samudrala GK, Thomas SA, Montgomery JM, Vohra YK. "High pressure phase transitions in the rare earth metal erbium to 151 GPa". Journal of Physics, Condensed Matter 23(31) 2011.

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