Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

James McNaney

Research Staff
Physics Division

 +1 925-423-9335

Ph.D. Materials Science
University of California at Berkeley
MNE Nuclear Engineering
University of California at Santa Barbara
BNE Nuclear Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

Research Interests

Deformation and failure of materials under a wide range of conditions including cyclic fatigue, environmentally assisted crack growth, high pressure, high strain rate. Development of test and diagnostic methods for assessing material plastic flow behavior, crack growth, and damage.

Professional Memberships

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society


Best Paper (Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 1998)
John Dorn Scholastic Achievement Award (University of California, Berkeley, 1992)
Graduated Highest Honors (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1986)

Recent Publications

Bringa, E. M., et al., "Ultrahigh Strength in Nanocrystalline Materials under Shock Loading," Science 309, 1838–1841 (2005).

McNaney, J. M., M. J. Edwards, R. Becker, K. T. Lorenz, and B. A. Remington, "High Pressure, Laser Driven Deformation of an Aluminum Alloy," Met. Trans A 35A, 2625–2631 (2004).

McNaney, J. M., V. Imbeni, Y. Jung, P. Papadopoulos, and R. O. Ritchie, "An Experimental Study of the Superelastic Effect in a Shape-Memory Nitinol Alloy under Biaxial Loading," Mechanics of Materials 35, 969–86 (2003).

Peters, J. O., B. L. Boyce, X. Chen, J. M. McNaney, J. W. Hutchinson, and R. O. Ritchie, "On the Application of the Kitagawa-Takahashi Diagram to Foreign-Object Damage and High-Cycle Fatigue in a Ti-6Al-4V Turbine Blade Alloy," Engineering Fracture Mechanics 69, 13, pp. 1425-1446 (2002).

Ritchie, R. O., C. J. Gilbert, and J. M. McNaney, "Mechanics and Mechanisms of Fatigue Damage and Crack Growth in Advanced Materials," International Journal of Solids and Structures 37, pp 311-329 (2000).

Asoo, B. J. M. McNaney, Y. Mitamura, and R. O. Ritchie, "Cyclic Fatigue-Crack Growth in Sapphire in Air and Simulated Physiological Environments," J. Biomed. Mater. Res. 52, pp 488-491 (2000).

McNaney, J. M., C. J. Gilbert, and R. O. Ritchie, "Effect of Viscous Grain Bridging on Cyclic Fatigue-Crack Growth in Monolithic Ceramics at Elevated Temperatures," Acta Materialia 47, 9, pp 2809-2819 (1999).

McNaney, J. M., R. Havens, and R. O. Ritchie, "Elastic Compliance of the Compact-Tension Specimen Comprising Two Linear-Elastic Materials Bonded with a Thin Layer," ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation 25 (1), pp. 69-76 (1997).

Becker, Jr., T. L., J. M. McNaney, R. M. Cannon, and R. O. Ritchie, "Limitations on the Use of the Mixed-Mode Delaminating Beam Test Specimen: Effect of the Size of the Region of K-Dominance," Mechanics of Materials 25, p. 291-308 (1997).

McNaney, J. M., R. M. Cannon and R. O. Ritchie, "Fracture and Fatigue-Crack Growth along Aluminum/Alumina Interfaces," Acta Materialia 44 (12), pp. 4713-4728 (1996).

McNaney, J. M., R. M. Cannon and R. O. Ritchie, "Elastic Compliance of Four-Point Bend Samples Comprising Two Linear-Elastic Materials Bonded with a Thin Layer," ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation 23 (2), pp. 95-101 (1995).

McNaney, J. M., R. M. Cannon, and R. O. Ritchie, "Near-Interfacial Crack Trajectories in Metal-Ceramic Layered Structures," International Journal of Fracture 66, pp. 227-240 (1994).

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