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Ilon Joseph

Research Staff
Physics Division

 +1 925-422-3737

Ph.D. Physics
Columbia University
M.Ph Physics
Columbia University
M.A. Physics
Columbia University
B.S. Physics
Stanford University

Research Experience

  • Post-doctoral Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, 2008-Present
  • Post-doctoral Research Scientist, UC San Diego, 2005-2008

Ilon Joseph is a theoretical and computational plasma physicist with general interests in plasma physics, magnetic fusion, dynamical systems and control theory. Specific plasma physics experience: edge plasma physics, reconnection, transport due to 3D magnetic perturbations, control of 3D magnetohydrodynamic equilibria, and symplectic computational methods.

Selected Publications

I. Joseph, R. H. Cohen and D. D. Ryutov, "Driving toroidally asymmetric current through the tokamak scrape-off layer. I. Potential for edge localized mode suppression," Phys. Plasmas 16, 052510 (2009).

I. Joseph, "Driving toroidally asymmetric current through the tokamak scrape-off layer. II. Magnetic field structure and spectrum," Phys. Plasmas, 16, 052511 (2009).

Izzo, V. A. and I. Joseph, "RMP enhanced transport and rotational screening in simulations of DIII-D plasmas," Nucl. Fusion 48, 115004 (2008).

I. Joseph, T. E. Evans, A. M. Runov, M. E. Fenstermacher, M. Groth, S. V. Kasilov, C. J. Lasnier, R. A. Moyer, G. D. Porter, M. J. Schaffer, R. Schneider and J. G. Watkins, "Calculation of stochastic thermal transport due to resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D," Nucl. Fusion 48, 045009 (2008).

T. E. Evans, I. Joseph, R. A. Moyer, M. E. Fenstermacher, C. J. Lasnier and L. W. Yan, "Experimental and numerical studies of separatrix splitting and magnetic footprints in DIII-D," J. Nucl. Mater. 363-365, 570 (2007).

I. Joseph, R. A. Moyer, T. E. Evans, M. J. Schaffer, A. M. Runov, R. Schneider, S. V. Kasilov, M. Groth, M. E. Fenstermacher, "Stochastic transport modeling of resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D," J. Nucl. Mater. 363–365, 591 (2007).

I. Joseph, "Controlling chaos in Hamiltonian systems: an algorithm to improve stellarator surfaces," Ph.D. thesis, Department of Physics, Columbia University, New York, October 2005.

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