Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Mark Foord

Physics Division

 +1 925-422-0990

Ph.D. Physics
Massachusetts institute of Technology

Personal Background

Mark Foord is a staff physicist in the Theory and Modeling group. Mark received his Ph.D from MIT in 1987, where he studied particle transport of magnetically confined plasma. After graduation, Mark took a post-doc and then a staff position at Weizmann Institute Physics Department in Israel, working in the area of plasma spectroscopy and atomic modeling of high power plasma devices. Since joining LLNL in 1992, Mark has been involved in a number of areas of research related to hot dense plasma physics, inertial confinement fusion, as well as laboratory astrophysics. Mark's current research interests involve using sub-picosecond lasers to generate short bursts of high energy protons for applications in inertial confinement fusion and medical therapy.

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