Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

David Erskine

Physics Division

 +1 925-422-3249

Personal Background

Joined LLNL in 1987

Experimental physicist, expert in optical diagnostics for shock physics experiments, especially using VISAR velocity interferometry and high speed recording techniques. Expert in interferometric data analysis algorithms, heterodyning, and Fourier analysis. Inventor and developer of novel broadband interferometric techniques that use incoherent light in ways normally reserved for coherent light, including white light interferometry, and externally dispersed interferometry for the Doppler planet search. Leader of a LLNL-University collaboration to use broadband interferometry in astronomy to detect exoplanets and boost the spectral resolving power of observatory and spaceborne spectrographs. Holder of six US patents on broad band interferometric technology.

Other notable achievements:

  1. Graduate work at Cornell University 1979-84: Using a femtosecond laser, measured the relaxation time of electrons and holes in semiconductors.
  2. Post doctoral work at Univ. of California, Berkeley 1984-86: Using a diamond anvil cell, compressed Silicon to high pressure at cryogenic temperatures while measuring its electrical conductivity. Demonstrated a new superconducting crystalline phase.
  3. LLNL: Demonstrated the shockwave production of crystalline hexagonal diamond from graphite. Measured the equation of state of sapphire to megabar pressures. Conducted downhole experiments at NTS, and site 300. Measured the 12 m/s monthly periodic tugging of the moon on the earth using sunlight.

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