Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Gianpaolo Carosi

Research Staff
Physics Division

 +1 925-423-5527

Ph.D. Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. Physics
Harvey Mudd College

Research Interests

Experimental particle physics and astrophysics with a focus on dark matter detection and rare event detector development.


Kim, J.E., Carosi, G., "Axions and the Strong CP Problem," Review of Modern Physics, to be published (2009)

Carosi, G., Van Bibber, K., Pivovaroff, M. "The Search for Axions," Contemporary Physics, Vol 49, No. 4. (July 2008) pp 281-297

Carosi, G., Van Bibber, K. "Cavity Microwave Searches for Cosmological Axions," Lecture Notes in Physics (Springer-Verlag), Vol. 741 (2008) pp 135-156

Carosi, G., "Search for Dark Matter Signatures in AMS-01 Electron Spectrum," Ph.D. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (2006).

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