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Lorin Benedict

Research Staff
Physics Division

 +1 925-424-3034

Ph.D. Physics
University of California at Berkeley
B.A. Physics
University of Chicago

Research Interests

Multiphase equations of state and phase diagrams of materials, optical properties of systems in extreme conditions of pressure and temperature, many-electron effects in optical properties of bulk solids and nanostructures, physics of highly collisional plasmas.

Personal Background

Lorin Benedict joined the Physics Division at the end of 1998 as a computational condensed matter theorist. Prior to being at LLNL, he was an NRC postdoc at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD, where he worked with Eric Shirley on the computation of excitonic effects in optical spectra of solids. He holds a BA in Physics from the University of Chicago (1992), and a PhD in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley (1996), where he worked in the groups of Steven Louie and Marvin Cohen. His thesis work was on predicting various properties of carbon nanotubes and other closely related materials. His current interests are two-fold: 1) Using phenomenological models to produce very accurate multi-phase equations of state for materials such as hydrogen, carbon, beryllium, etc., and 2) Investigating the physics of dense, highly collisional plasmas using MD and kinetic equations.

Selected Publications

  1. Lorin X. Benedict, Michael P. Surh, Liam G. Stanton, Christian R. Scullard, Alfredo A. Correa, John I. Castor, Frank R. Graziani, Lee A. Collins, Ondrej Certik, Joel D. Kress, and Michael S. Murillo, "Molecular dynamics studies of electron-ion temperature equilibration in hydrogen plasmas within the coupled-mode regime", to appear, Phys. Rev. E (2017).
  2. Michael P. Desjarlais, Christian R. Scullard, Lorin X. Benedict, Heather D. Whitley, and Ronald Redmer, "Density-functional calculations of transport properties in the non-degenerate limit and the role of electron-electron scattering", Phys. Rev. E 95, 033203 (2017).
  3. Michael P. Surh, Lorin X. Benedict, and Babak Sadigh, "Magnetostructural transition kinetics in shocked iron", Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 085701 (2016).
  4. P.A. Sterne, L.X. Benedict, S. Hamel, A.A. Correa, J.L. Milovich, M.M. Marinak, P.M. Celliers, and D.E. Fratnaduono, "Equations of state for ablator materials in inertial confinement fusion simulations", J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 717, 012282 (2016).
  5. Catalin D. Spataru, Luke Shulenburger, and Lorin X. Benedict, "Ab initio many-body Green's function calculations of optical properties of LiF at high pressures", Phys. Rev. B 92, 245117 (2015).
  6. Markus Daene, Soo Kyung Kim, Michael P. Surh, Daniel Aberg, and Lorin X. Benedict, "Density functional theory calculations of magnetocrystalline anisotropy energies for (Fe_{1-x}Co_{x})_{2}B", J. Phys. Condens. Matter
  7. Heather D. Whitley, David M. Sanchez, Sebastien Hamel, Alfredo A. Correa, and Lorin X. Benedict, Molecular dynamics simulations of warm dense carbon ., Contrib. Plasma Phys. vol. 55, 390 (2015).
  8. Heather D. Whitley, Christian R. Scullard, Lorin X. Benedict, John I. Castor, Amanda Randles, James N. Glosli, David F. Richards, Michael P. Desjarlais, and Frank R. Graziani, Lenard-Balescu calculations and classical molecular dynamics simulations of electrical and thermal conductivities of hydrogen plasmas  , Contrib. Plasma Phys. 55, 192 (2015).
  9. R.F. Smith, J.H. Eggert, D.G. Braun, J.R. Patterson, R.E. Rudd, R. Jeanloz, T.S. Duffy, J. Biener, A.E. Lazicki, A.V. Hamza, J. Wang, T. Braun, L.X. Benedict, P.M. Celliers, and G.W. Collins, Ramp compression of diamond to 5 TPa  , Nature 511, 330 (2014).
  10. Lorin X. Benedict, Kevin P. Driver, Sebastien Hamel, Burkhard Militzer, Tingting Qi, Alfredo A. Correa, A. Saul, and Eric Schwegler, Multiphase equation of state for carbon addressing high pressures and temperatures  , Phys. Rev. B 89, 224109 (2014).
  11. Lorin X. Benedict, Michael P. Surh, John I. Castor, Saad A. Khairallah, Heather D. Whitley, David F. Richards, James N. Glosli, Michael S. Murillo, Christian R. Scullard, Paul Grabowski, David Michta and Frank R. Graziani, Molecular dynamics simulations and generalized Lenard-Balescu calculations of electron-ion temperature equilibration in plasmas  , Phys. Rev. E 86, 046406 (2012).
  12. Sebastien Hamel, Lorin X. Benedict, Peter M. Celliers, M.A. Barrios, T.R. Boehly, G.W. Collins, T. Doppner, J.H. Eggert, D.R. Farley, D.G. Hicks, J.L. Kline, A. Lazicki, S. LePape, A.J. Mackinnon, J.D. Moody, H.F. Robey, E. Schwegler and Philip A. Sterne, Equation of state of CH_1.36: First-principles molecular dynamics simulations and shock-and-release wave speed measurements  , Phys. Rev. B 86, 094113 (2012).
  13. Frank R. Graziani, Victor S. Batista, Lorin X. Benedict , John I. Castor, Hui Chen, Sophia N. Chen, Chris A. Fichtl, James N. Glosli, Paul E. Grabowski, Alexander T. Graf, Stefan P. Hau-Riege, Andrew U. Hazi, Saad A. Khairallah, Liam Krauss, A. Bruce Langdon, Richard A. London, Andreas Markmann, Michael S. Murillo, David F. Richards, Howard A. Scott, Ronnie Shepherd, Liam G. Stanton, Michael P. Surh, Jon C. Weisheit, Heather D. Whitley, Large-scale molecular dynamics of dense plasmas: the Cimarron project  High Energy Density Physics 8, 105 (2012).
  14. Miguel A. Morales, Lorin X. Benedict, Daniel S. Clark, Eric Schwegler, Isaac Tamblyn, Stanimir A. Bonev, Alfredo A. Correa, and Steven W. Haan, Ab initio calculations of the equation of state of hydrogen in a regime relevant for inertial fusion applications  , High Energy Density Physics 8, 5 (2012).
  15. Tadashi Ogitsu, Lorin X. Benedict, Eric Schwegler, Erik W. Draeger, and David Prendergast, First-principles calculations of solid and liquid aluminum optical absorption spectra near the melting curve: Ambient and high-pressure results,  Phys. Rev. B 80, 214105 (2009).
  16. Lorin X. Benedict, Tadashi Ogitsu, Andrea Trave, Christine J. Wu, Philip A. Sterne, and Eric Schwegler, Calculations of high-pressure properties of beryllium: Construction of a multiphase equation of state  , Phys. Rev. B 79, 064106 (2009).
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  19. Alfredo A. Correa, Lorin X. Benedict, David A. Young, Eric Schwegler, and Stanimir A. Bonev, First-principles multiphase equation of state of carbon under extreme conditions  , Phys. Rev. B 78, 024101 (2008).

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