Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Pihong Zhao

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-422-4973

Ph.D. Chemistry
University of the Pacific
M.S. Chemistry
Wuhan University, P.R. China
B.S. Chemistry
Wuhan University, P.R. China

Research Interests

Actinide chemistry, radiochemistry, environmental geochemistry and forensic radiochemistry. Current researches involve study of transport behavior of radionuclides in sub surfaces and ground waters, actinide-mineral interface reactions and thermodynamics of actinides under environmental conditions.

Selected Publications

P. Zhao, M. Zavarin, R. N. Leif, B. A. Powell, and A. B. Kersting, 2011. Mobilization of actinides by dissolved organic compounds at the Nevada Test Site. Applied Geochemistry 26, 308-318.

B. A. Powell, Z. Dai, M. Zavarin, Zhao, P., and A. B. Kersting, 2011. Stabilization of Plutonium Nano-Colloids by Epitaxial Distortion on Mineral Surfaces. Environmental Science & Technology 45, 2698-2703.

M. Zavarin, B. A. Powell, M. Bourbin, P. Zhao, and A. B. Kersting (2012), Np(V) and Pu(V) Ion Exchange and Surface-Mediated Reduction Mechanisms on Montmorillonite. Environ. Sci. Technol., 46(5), 2692–2698.

P. Zhao, Q. Hu, T. P. Rose, G. J. Nimz and M. Zavarin, 2008. Distribution of 99Tc and 129I in the vicinity of underground nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site, J. of Radioanal. Nuc. Chem. 276 (3), 755-761.

Hu, Q. H., Rose, T. P., Zavarin, M., Smith, D. K., Moran, J. E., and Zhao, P. H., 2008. Assessing field-scale migration of radionuclides at the Nevada Test Site: "mobile" species. J Environ Radioactiv 99, 1617-1630.

Hu, Q. H., Zhao, P. H., Moran, J. E., and Seaman, J. C., 2005. Sorption and transport of iodine species in sediments from the Savannah River and Hanford Sites. J Contam Hydrol 78, 185-205.

Xu, H. F., Wang, Y. F., Zhao, P. H., Bourcier, W. L., Van Konynenburg, R., and Shaw, H. F., 2004. Investigation of pyrochlore-based U-bearing ceramic nuclear waste: Uranium leaching test and TEM observation. Environ. Sci. Technol., 38, 1480-1486.

Zhao, P., Romanovski, V. V., Whisenhunt, D. W., Hoffman, D. C., Mohs, T. R., Xu, J. D., and Raymond, K. N., 1999. Extraction of plutonium by chelating hydroxypyridinone and catecholamide resins. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 17, 1327-1353.

Steefel, C. I., Carroll, S., Zhao, P. H., and Roberts, S., 2003. Cesium migration in Hanford sediment: a multisite cation exchange model based on laboratory transport experiments. J Contam. Hydrol., 67, 219-246.

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