Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nathan Woollett

Postdoctoral Researcher
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925 423-4467

PhD Physics
Lancaster University, UK
MPhys Physics
Lancaster University, UK

Research Interests

Nathan Woollett specialized in astronomy and cosmology while studying physics at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. His undergraduate dissertation focused on measuring the rotation rate of binary stars in the Cassiopeia constellation using the university telescope. His graduate training took place as a joint appointment at Lancaster University and The Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology. During this time, he studied a broad range of topics related to the design and operation of particle accelerators with a particular focus on the RF systems. In conjunction with this work, he designed and operated a light shining through wall experiment to look for hidden sector photons, also known as dark photons or paraphotons.

Woollett is currently working towards the detection of the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) axion as part of the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) collaboration. As part of this collaboration, he works on radio frequency (RF) design and motion control for the detector as well as operating the sidecar cavity, which is an in-situ test bed for future technologies. The ADMX experiment uses quantum limited amplifiers to achieve the desired sensitivity, which has led to a new direction in Woollett’s research—looking into areas where techniques developed for quantum information can be applied to high energy physics. In addition, he is generally interested in pushing the precision frontier of particle physics in the search for new particles, whether they be hidden photons, axion like particles, or other more exotic species.

Awards and Honors

  • Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Award for Astronomy, 2011

Selected Publications

Search for Invisible Axion Dark Matter with the Axion Dark Matter Experiment (2018). N Du, N Force, R Khatiwada, E Lentz, R Ottens, L J Rosenberg, G Rybka, G Carosi, N Woollett, D Bowring, A S Chou, A Sonnenschein, W Wester, C Boutan, N S Oblath, R Bradley, E J Daw, A V Dixit, J Clarke, S R O’Kelley, N Crisosto, J R Gleason, S Jois, P Sikivie, I Stern, N S Sullivan, D B Tanner, G. C. Hilton. Physics Review Letters 120, 151301.

High-kinetic inductance additive manufactured superconducting microwave cavity (2017). E T Holland, Y J Rosen, N Materise, N Woollett, T Voisin, Y M Wang, S G Torres, J Mireles, G Carosi, J L DuBois. Applied Physics Letters 111 (20), 202602.

Hidden-sector photon and axion searches using photonic band gap structures (2014). R Seviour, I Bailey, N Woollett, P Williams. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 41 (3), 035005.

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