Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Yaniv Rosen

Postdoctoral Appointment
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-423-0943

Ph.D. Condensed Matter Physics
UC San Diego
B.S. Physics and Applied Mathematics
UC Berkeley

Research Interests

I study a specific type of flaw in superconducting quantum computing circuits (Qubits) called a two level system (TLS). Most superconducting qubits can only hold their information for a fraction of a millisecond because the information is transferred to TLS and then lost. Solving the TLS problem can greatly improve coherence times, allow for more compact devices, and improve superconducting circuits for other applications like microwave detectors.

Selected (Recent) Publications

Rosen Y. J., Khalil, M. S., Burin, A. L., Osborn, K. D., "Random-defect laser: manipulating lossy two-level systems to produce a circuit with coherent gain," Physical Review Letters 116, 163601 (2016).

Iftekhar Jaim, H. M., Aguilar, J. A., Sarabi, B., Rosen, Y. J., Ramanayaka, A. N., Lock, E. H., Richardson, C. J. K., Osborn, K. D., "Superconducting TiN Films Sputtered Over a Large Range of Substrate DC Bias," IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 25, 1100505 (2014).

Rosen, Y. J., Guenon, S., Schuller, I. K., "Shearing transition in a superconducting vortex lattice subject to periodic pinning," Physical Review B 88, 174511 (2013).

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