Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Martin Robel

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-422-0314

Research Interests

Research experience includes modeling, chemometrics, and database development. Use of reactor modeling codes to generate spent fuel compositions, dose rates, and decay heat for nuclear forensics, nonproliferation and nuclear security research. Use of multivariate pattern classification techniques for attribution of unknown nuclear material using elemental and isotopic concentrations. Development and administration of the Uranium Sourcing Database and iDAVE, a global nuclear forensics database of uranium ore and ore concentrates and associated pattern recognition application


Database, Chemometrics/Statistics, Reactor fuel modeling, Radworker II, ADC.
Software: MATLAB, SCALE, MCNP, C#, Python, AutoCAD, Oracle, SQL Server, Filemaker Pro.


Military: Good Conduct Medal, SW Asia Service Medal, Sea Service Ribbon, National Defense Medal.
Academic: 2nd place, American Nuclear Society Student Design Competition.


Bathke, Charles G.; Hase, Kevin R.; Wallace, Richard K.; Ireland, John R.; Jarvinen, Gordon D.; Johnson, M. W. Ebbinghaus, Bartley B.; Sleaford, Brad W.; Robel, Martin; Bradley, Keith S. "The Attractiveness of Materials in Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles for Various Proliferation and Theft Scenarios," Nuclear Technology, 179, 5-30 (2012).

King, Wayne E.; Robel, Martin; Gilmer, George H. "The potential to use fission gas release experiments to measure lattice and grain boundary diffusion in metallic fuels," J. Nucl. Mater. 411, 97-111 (2011)

King, WE; Bradley, K; Jones, ED; Kramer, KJ; Latkowski, JF; Robel, M; Sleaford, BW. "The application of a figure of merit for nuclear explosive utility as a metric for material attractiveness in a nuclear material theft scenario," Nucl. Eng. Des. 240, 3699-3707 (2010).

Robel, Martin and Kristo, Michael J. "Discrimination of source reactor type by multivariate statistical analysis of uranium and plutonium isotopic concentrations in unknown irradiated nuclear fuel material," J. Environ. Radioactiv. 99, 1789-1797 (2008).

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