Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Christina Ramon

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-422-3599

B.S. Biology, (Minor in Chemistry)
Lycoming College

Research Experience and Interests

My research interests are broad and range from biology (specifically the microbial communities in microbial mats, termite, and beetle guts) to nuclear fallout formation. My research experience is with sample preparation for SIMS, NanoSIMS and SEM. I use a variety of techniques to prepare both biological and mineralogical samples. Biological preparations can range from resin embedding and cryo-preparation to digesting materials in acid for ICPMS analysis. For mineralogical samples, pieces are mounted in epoxy and polished flat. In addition I also have experience doing this type of preparation for nuclear fallout material. Once samples are polished, they typically are coated with a conductive coating before being imaged and analyzed. I also aid in providing both written and photographic documentation of samples prior to them being analyzed. I enjoy being part of a research team to answer scientific questions.

Honors and Awards

  • Global Security Directorate Silver Award (2012) for participation in NECSA training in support of the NA-24 Confidence Building Measures Program

Publications and Reports

S.P. Velsko; P.K. Weber; C.E. Ramon; L.E. Lindvall; M.L. Davisson, (June 2011) "Bioagent sample matching using elemental composition data--Final Report". Report to DHS, LLNL-TR-490132

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M.L. Davisson; P.K. Weber; S.P. Velsko; C.E. Ramon; N.K. Montgomery, (September 2010) "A-List Scoping Study: Elemental variation in Francisella tularensis, Yersinia pestis, and Venezuelan equine encephalitis supports sample matching". Report to DHS, LLNL-TR-449811

S.P. Velsko, P.K. Weber, C.E. Ramon, R.E. Lindvall, M.L. Davisson, M. Robel, (October 2009) "Bioagent sample matching using elemental composition data". Report to DHS, LLNL-TR-419683

P.K. Weber; C.E. Ramon; R.E. Lindvall; M.L. Davisson; S.P. Velsko, (August 2009) "Draft SOP for Sample Matching using ICP-MS". Report to DHS, LLNL-TR-419635

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