Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jennifer Pett-Ridge

Deputy Lead for the Isotopic Signatures Group
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-424-2882

Hopkins Microbiology Course
Stanford University
Ph.D. Soil Microbial Ecology
University of California at Berkeley
M.S. Forest Science
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
B.A. Biology
Studies in Environment, Yale University

Research Interests

Jennifer Pett-Ridge's research uses the tools of systems biology and biogeochemistry to link identity and function in microbial communities that are relevant to DOE's Office of Biological and Environmental Research. Recently awarded a DOE Early Career award to work on responses of tropical soils to climate change, she has pioneered the use of NanoSIMS isotopic imaging in microbial biology and soils research. As Lead Scientist of LLNL's Genomic Science Biofuels Scientific Focus Area (SFA), she is responsible for a multi-disciplinary team that integrates biogeochemistry, stable isotope probing, NanoSIMS imaging, molecular microbial ecology and computational modeling to understand biotic interactions and energy flow in microbial communities critical to nutrient cycling and biofuel production. She is Deputy Lead for the Isotopic Signatures group, and supervises a group of staff scientists, postdocs and graduate students working on terrestrial and marine carbon cycling, plant-soil interactions and development of new isotope tracing methods (El-FISH, Chip-SIP, STXM-SIMS). She has published over 35 peer-review articles and has a patent ROI for the "ChipSIP" approach linking microbial identity and function using NanoSIMS analysis of microarrays.


2014DOE Early Career Fellowship
2014Elected to EMSL User Executive Committee
2013AGU, Best Talk
2009International Society for Microbial Ecology, Journal Cover Contest
2007AEM Gordon Research Conference, Best Poster
2000-2004Graduate Fellowship, DOE Global Change Education Program, UC Berkeley


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Synergistic Activities

  1. Invited Workshops: Radcliffe Institute "Peering into the Lives of Microbes" (March, 2015); co-chair DOE-OBER Sustainable Biofuel Plant Research (Oct, 2013); NGEE Tropics workshop (2012, 2014); DOE OBER Genomics:GtL "C cycling and Biosequestration" (2008); NSF Microscale Approaches to Macroscale Issues in Ecology" (2007).
  2. Session convener: "Drought Effects in Tropical Forests" Society for Tropical Ecology, Zurich, 2015; "Exploring Microbial Mat Communities: Functions, Interaction, and Signatures" AGU, San Francisco (2014); "Small-Talk: Mapping the Geochemistry of Microbe-Mineral Interactions and Microbe-Microbe Elemental Trafficking" Goldschmidt Conference, Sacramento CA (2014); "Surface Microscopy and Microanalysis in Materials and Biological Systems", Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting, Portland OR (2010); "Linking microbial identity and activity with NanoSIMS", International Society of Microbial Ecology Meeting, Cairns, Australia (2008).
  3. Positions: Environmental Microbiology editorial board (2015-); ISME Ambassador (2014-); EMSL User Executive Committee (2013-); AEM Editorial Board (2012-); Review Editor for Frontiers in Terrestrial Microbiology (2010-); Associate Editor for Frontiers in Microbiological Chemistry (2011-); LLNL Lawrence Fellow committee (20012-2014); LLNL PLS AD hiring committee (2013); Vice Chair, Soil Ecology Section, Ecological Society of America (2006-2009).
  4. Invited Reviewer: NSF Ecosystems Panel (2014); LLNL Lawrence Fellowship Committee (2012-pres.); DOE Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Review Panel (2013); USDA-NIFA review panel (2013); DOE OBER Early Career Program, Microbial Environmental Processes Panel (2011) and (2012); Joint Genome Institute Community Sequencing Program review panel (April 2012, July 2012, July 2013, Jan 2014); Earth science expert for NSF advisory board for SRI Teacher Professional Continuum program (2005-2006); Yale University Alumni Schools Committee (2003-pres); UK BBSRC, NSF Ecosystems and Microbial Observatories programs; Ad hoc reviewer for AEM, Biogeochemistry, Ecology, Ecosystems, Env.Microbiology, Env. Science and Technology, Ecosphere, Ecosystems, Ecological Bulletin, ISME Journal, Nature Chemical Biology, New Phytologist, Organic Geochemistry, PLOS ONE, Soil Biol. and Biochemistry, Oecologia.

Graduate/Postdoctoral Advisors: Whendee Silver (UC Berkeley, M.S.), Mary Firestone (UC Berkeley, PhD), Ian Hutcheon (LLNL, Postdoc).

Postdoctoral Advisees: Xavier Mayali (2009-2012), Dagmar Woebken (@ NASA Ames, 2008-2011), Luke Burow (@ NASA Ames, 2008-2012), Kevin Carpenter (2009-2012), Jeremy Bougoure (2010-2012), Amy Englebrecht (2011-2013), Anne Dekas (2012-pres.), Erin Nuccio (2013-pres.), Steve Blazewicz (2014-pres.), Ashley Campbell (starting July 2015--).

PhD students: Co-Advisor: Marco Keiluweit (Oregon State University, 2010-2013), Rachel Neurath (UC Berkeley, 2013-pres).

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