Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Tashi Parsons-Moss

Postdoctoral Appointment
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

Ph.D. Chemistry
University of California at Berkeley
B.S. Chemistry
Mills College

Research Interests

Fundamental actinide chemistry, actinide behavior at solid-liquid interfaces, environmental transport and behavior of f-elements, engineered nanomaterials, extractions and separations of f-elements,microscopy, spectroscopic measurements, radiological measurements, nuclear forensics.

Selected (Recent) Publications

Tashi Parsons-Moss, Jinxiu Wang, Stephen Jones, Erin May, Daniel Olive, Zurong Dai, Mavrik Zavarin, Annie B. Kersting, Dongyuan Zhao, and Heino Nitsche, Sorption Interactions of Plutonium and Europium with Ordered Mesoporous Carbon, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Vol. 2, DOI 10.1039/C4TA01740D, 2014.

Tashi Parsons-Moss, Harun Tüysüz, Deborah Wang, Stephen Jones, Daniel Olive, and Heino Nitsche, Plutonium Sorption to Nanocast Mesoporous Carbon, Radiochimica Acta, Vol. 102, Issue 4, DOI 10.1515/ract-2014-2138, 2014.

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