Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Stephen Padgett

Staff Scientist
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-422-5969

PhD Nuclear Physics
University of Tennessee
BS Physics
Florida State University

Research Interests

Stephen Padgett studied physics at Florida State University and nuclear physics at the University of Tennessee. He began working at LLNL in May 2012 and currently works in the Safeguards, Nonproliferation & Response group.

Padgett’s research interests include beta decay, gamma-ray, and neutron spectroscopy studies for nuclear forensics and nuclear safeguards applications. His current job responsibilities involve experimental setups for thermal neutron irradiations at the McClellan Nuclear Research reactor as well as analysis of subsequent gamma-ray spectroscopy data from this and other experiments. He also performs Monte-Carlo simulations and data analysis for various forensics, safeguards, and basic nuclear science experiments. His previous work experience includes participating in neutron irradiations at the Nevada National Security Site for improving nuclear data as well as performing simulations for a project related to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Selected Publications

S. Padgett, et al., "Beta decay of 81Zn and migrations of states near the N=50 closed shell." PRC 82, 064314 (2010).

S.W. Padgett, et al., "Spectroscopy of 25Ne and the N=16 magic number." PRC 72, 064330 (2005).

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