Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Richard Hughes

Staff Scientist
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-605-9652

PhD Physics
The Australian National University
BA Physics
University of Surrey, UK

Research Interests

Richard Hughes is an experimental nuclear physicist who specializes in charged-particle and gamma-ray spectroscopy. He studied physics at the University of Surrey and the Australian National University before joining LLNL as a postdoc in 2013. He currently works as a staff scientist in the Nuclear & Particle Physics group at LLNL.

Hughes’s research interests lie in the interplay between single-nucleon and collective nuclear excitations as well as understanding nuclear isomers and how they can be utilized. His work at LLNL focuses on neutron cross-section measurements using surrogate reactions. Hughes led the LLNL team to design, construct, and commission the Hyperion array at Texas A&M University.

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