Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Narek Gharibyan

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-423-5289

Ph.D. Radiochemistry
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
B.A. Chemistry
University of California at Berkeley

Research Interests

  • Development of reference materials for the interest of producing realistic nuclear forensic samples
  • Separation methods related to actinides, transactinides and superheavy elements

Honors and Awards

  • Seaborg Institute Summer Research Fellow (2009, 2010)

Selected (Recent) Publications

Gates JM, Sudowe R, Stavsetra L, Ali M, Calvert MG, Dragojević I, Ellison PA, Garcia MA, Gharibyan N, Gregorich KE, Nelson SL, Neumann SH, Parsons-Moss T, Nitsche H. (2009) "Extraction of niobium and tantalum isotopes using organophosphorus compounds – Part I – Extraction of 'carrier-free' metal concentrations from HCl solutions" Radiochim Acta 97:1-6

Gharibyan N (2011) "Intragroup Separation of Trivalent Lanthanides and Actinides for Neutron Capture Experiments in Stockpile Stewardship Sciences" PhD Dissertation, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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