Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Victoria Dias Genetti

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-423-0967

B.S. General Biology
California State University, Hayward

Research Interests

Victoria has extensive experience and advanced specialized technical knowledge in environmental sample preparation and processing, general chemistry, and inorganic analytical chemistry (including actinide separation and purification chemistry). Her analytical skills include experience in ICPMS instrumental analysis, including determination of isotopic composition and elemental concentration. In addition to her analytical skills, she has experience in coordinating complex projects and interacting with scientific professionals and external project managers from a variety of disciplines.


Invention Title: "Solid Materials for Removing Arsenic and Method Thereof"
Inventor(s): Paul R. Coronado, et al
United States Patent: 7,393,810
Approval Date: July 1, 2008

Awards and Award Applications

  • Nonproliferation Arms Control International Security Directorate Award, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2006
  • "Aerogel-Carbon Composite for Adsorption of Contaminants in Ground Water" 2005 R&D 100 Awards Entry
  • Energy and Environment Directorate Program Award, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2003
  • "Commendation for Safety Awareness," Yucca Mountain Program Manager, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2001
  • Joint Genome Institute Achievement Award, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2000

Posters and Publications

R.W. Williams, V.D. Genetti: "Plutonium in Peruvian Soil Project Report" Technical Report LLNL-TR-402294. March 2008.

Westerhoff P., Badruzzaman M., Navarnoaragon J.: Arizona State University, Coleman S., Coronado P., Gammon S., Genetti V.: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory "Aerogel-GAC Composites for Arsenic and Uranium Removal" AWWA 2005 Conference abstract. June 2005.

Ross W. Williams, Victoria Genetti, and Erick Ramon: "Purification of U and Pu from Bulk Environmental Samples for Analysis by MC-ICPMS" (UCRL-TR-210135). March 2005.

Coleman S.J., Reynolds J.G., Coronado P.R., Genetti V., Williams R.W., and Ramon E.C.: "Adsorption of Uranium and Arsenic form Ground Water Using Hydrophobic Aerogels/Granulated Activated Carbon Composites" Presented at the National Ground Water Association Conference in Charleston, SC. February 2005.

Coleman, S.J., Coronado, P.R., Reynolds, J.G., Dias, V.L., Williams, R.W., and Ramon, E.C. "Removal of Uranium from Ground Water Using Composites of Granulated Activated Carbon and Hydrophobic Aerogels" Waste Management 2003 Remediation Technology- On and Under Ground Successes (UCRL-JC-150725-ABS)

J.M. Horn, A.C. Carrillo, and V.L. Dias. (2003) "Comparison of the Microbial Community Composition at Yucca Mountain and Laboratory Test Nuclear Repository Environments." Proceedings of Corrosion 2003, paper No. 556, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, March 17-20, San Diego, CA

A. C. Carrillo, V. L. Dias, and J.M. Horn "Comparison of the Microbial Community Composition at Yucca Mountain and Laboratory Test Nuclear Repository Environments" Poster presented at the Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Symposium - Corrosion 2003 in San Diego, CA. March 2003.

Coleman S.J., Coronado P.R., Reynolds J.G., Dias V.L., Ramon E.C., Maxwell R.S., Taffet M.J., Vu A.K., and Williams R.W.: "Composite Aerogel Material and Applications for Environmental Remediation/Treatment" Presented to Dr. Sylvana Li, US Department of Agriculture. January 2003.

S. Martin, V.L. Dias, A. C. Carrillo, K. Ross, N. Van Buuren, and J. M. Horn "Can Indigenous and Introduced Bacteria Affect the Performance of an Engineered Barrier System in the Designated Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository?" Poster presented at the Fall 2002 General Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, CA. December 2002.

Coleman, S.J., Coronado, P.R., Reynolds, J.G., Dias, V.L., Williams, R.W., Ramon, E.C., Taffet, M.J., Vu, A.K., and Maxwell, R.S.: "Removal of Uranium and Hexavalent Chromium from Waters Using Aerogel-Granular Activated Carbon Composites" Presented at 14th Technical Information Exchange in Oakland, CA. November 2002. (UCRL-JC-150753-ABS)

A. C. Carrillo, V.L. Dias, S. Martin, and J.M. Horn "Microbial Community Structure at a Proposed Subsurface Nuclear Waste Repository Site" Poster presented at the 102nd General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Salt Lake City, UT. May 2002.

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