Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Sean Gates

Postdoctoral Appointment
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-422-1748

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
B.S. Structural Engineering
University of California at San Diego

Research Interests

Development of resonance ionization mass spectrometry for nuclear forensics; NanoSIMS and Raman spectroscopic analysis of nuclear material; NanoSIMS analysis of viral particles

Selected (Recent) Publications

McCartt A.D., Gates S.D., Lappas P., Jeffries J.B., Hanson R.K. (2012) In situ optical measurements of bacterial endospore breakdown in a shock tube. Appl Phys B, 106, 769-774.

McCartt A.D., Gates S.D., Jeffries J.B., Hanson R.K., Joubert L.M., Buhr T.L. (2011) Response of Bacillus thuringiensis Al Hakam endospores to gas dynamic heating in a shock tube. Z Phys Chem, 225, 1367-1377.

Gates S.D., McCartt A.D., Jeffries J.B., Hanson R.K., Hokama L.A., Mortelmans K.E. (2011) Extension of Bacillus endospore gas dynamic heating studies to multiple species and test conditions. J Appl Microbiol, 111, 925-931.

Gates S.D., McCartt A.D., Lappas P., Jeffries J.B., Hanson R.K., Hokama L.A., Mortelmans K.E. (2010) Bacillus endospore resistance to gas dynamic heating. J Appl Microbiol, 109, 1591-1598.

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