Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Amy M. Gaffney

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-422-4396

Ph.D. Geological Sciences
University of Washington
M.S. Geological Sciences
University of Washington
B.A Geology
Colorado College

Research Interests

Dr. Gaffney's research involves the development and application of radiometric chronometry and isotope geochemistry to problems in nuclear forensics and planetary geochronology and petrogenesis. Her current projects in nuclear forensics focus on developing actinide radiochronometers and isotope ratio signatures for sourcing of nuclear material. In her planetary research, she is leading projects that use long-lived isotope chronometers to establish the timing of formation and early differentiation of the Moon. These projects utilize the ThermoElectron Triton TIMS, the Nu Plasma HR MC-ICP-MS and the Nu Plasma II MC-ICP-MS instruments at LLNL.


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