Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Brad Esser

Group Leader Environmental Radiochemistry

 +1 925-422-5247

Ph.D. Geology and Geophysics
Yale University
B.S. with high distinction Geosciences
University of Arizona
B.S. with highest distinction Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Arizona

Research Interests

The use of groundwater age-dating, isotope biogeochemistry, and reactive transport modeling to develop better tools for water resource management, especially with regards to groundwater nitrate. The source, transport and fate of metals, radionuclides and nutrients in natural waters and sediments. Inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS), including isotope-dilution methods for accurate and precise concentration measurements and isotopic composition studies to elucidate metal sources and geochemical processes.

Recent Publications

Singleton M. J., B. K. Esser, J. E. Moran, G. B. Hudson, W. W. McNab, and T. Harter, "Saturated Zone Denitrification: Potential for Natural Attenuation of Nitrate Contamination in Shallow Groundwater under Dairy Operations," Environmental Science & Technology 41(3), 759-765 (2007).

McNab W. W., Singleton M. J., J. E. Moran, and B. K. Esser, "Assessing the Impact of Animal Waste Lagoon Seepage on the Geochemistry of an Underlying Shallow Aquifer," Environmental Science & Technology 41(3), 753-758 (2007).

Moore K., Ekwurzel B. E., B. K. Esser, G. B. Hudson, and J. E. Moran, "Sources of Groundwater Nitrate Revealed Using Residence Time and Isotope Methods. Applied Geochemistry 21(6), 1016-1029 (2006).

Carle S. F., B. K. Esser, and J. E. Moran, "High-Resolution Simulation of Basin Scale Nitrate Transport Considering Aquifer System Heterogeneity," Geosphere 2 (4, Special Issue: Modeling Flow and Transport in Physically and Chemically Heterogeneous Media), 195-209 (2006).

Carle, S. F., A. F. B. Tompson, W. W. McNab, B. K. Esser, G. B. Hudson, J. E. Moran, H. R. Beller, and S. R. Kane, "Simulation of Nitrate Biogeochemistry and Reactive Transport in a California Groundwater Basin," Computational Methods in Water Resources International Conference XIV, Chapel Hill, NC; June 13-17, 2004.

Esser, B. K., et al., "Reactive Transport of Nitrate in Northern Californa Groundwater Basins: An Integrated Characterization and Modeling Approach," (abstr.) Eos, Transactions, AGU 84(46), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract H52C-07 (2003).

Koester, C. J., S. L. Simonich, and B. K. Esser "Environmental Analysis," Analytical Chemistry 75:2813-2829 (2003) .

Love, A. H., B. K. Esser, and J. R. Hunt "Reconstructing Contaminant Deposition in a San Francisco Bay Marina, California," Journal of Environmental Engineering 129(7):659-666 (2003).

Esser, B. K., and A. M. Volpe, "At-Sea High-Resolution Trace-Metal Mapping: San Diego Bay and Its Plume in the Coastal Ocean," Environmental Science & Technology 36(13), 2826-2832 (2002).

Esser, B. K., and A. M. Volpe, "At-Sea High-Resolution Chemical Mapping: Extreme Barium Depletion in North Pacific Surface Water," Marine Chemistry 79(2), 67-79 (2002).

Carroll, S., P. O'Day, B. Esser, and S. Randall, "Speciation and Fate of Trace Metals in Estuarine Sediments under Reduced and Oxidized Conditions, Seaplane Lagoon, Alameda Naval Air Station (USA)," Geochemical Transactions 3(10), 81-101 (2002).

Volpe, A. M., B. B. Bandong, B. K. Esser, and M. Bianchini M. "Radiocesium in North San Francisco Bay and Baja California Coastal Surface Waters," Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 60(3), 365-380 (2002).

Bandong, B. B., A. M. Volpe, B. K. Esser, and G. M. Bianchini, "Pre-concentration and Measurement of Low Levels of Gamma-ray Emitting Radioisotopes in Coastal Waters," Applied Radiation and Isotopes 55, 653-665 (2001).

Ritson P. I., B. K. Esser, S. Niemeyer, and A. R. Flegal, "Lead Isotopic Determination of Historical Sources of Lead to Lake Erie, North Americ," Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 58(15), 3927–3305 (1994).

Esser, B. K., A. Volpe, J. M. Kenneally, and D. K. Smith, "Preconcentration and Purification of Rare Earth Elements in Natural Waters Using Silica-immobilized 8-hydroxyquinoline and a Supported Organophosphorus Extractant," Anal. Chem. 66(10), 1736-1742 (1994) .

Esser, B. K., and K. K. Turekian, "Anthropogenic Osmium in Coastal Deposits," Environ. Sci. Tech. 27(13), 2719–2723 (1993).

Esser, B. K., and K. K. Turekian, "The Osmium Isotopic Composition of the Continental Crust," Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 57, 3093–3104 (1993).

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