Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Steven Dazeley

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-423-4792

Ph.D. Physics
University of Adelaide
B.S. Physics
University of Tasmania

Research Interests

Steven's research interests include neutrino oscillation physics and nonproliferation technologies. On the neutrino side, he has worked on KamLAND and Super-k in Japan, then later at the Double Chooz experiment in France. At LLNL, he contributed to the application of neutrino detection to nonproliferation, working on the SONGS antineutrino deployment at San Onofre in California, and currently on the WATCHMAN joint nonproliferation project to deploy a kiloton-scale, gadolinium-doped water Cherenkov detector. He is also developing a water Cherenkov-based neutron multiplicity detector using similar techniques.

Selected (Recent) Publications

S. Dazeley, A. Asghari, A. Bernstein, N.S. Bowden, V. Mozin, "A water-based neutron detector as a well multiplicity counter". Nucl. Inst. and Meth. A: V771, P32 (2015).

G. Keefer, et al., "Laboratory studies on the removal of radon-borne lead from KamLAND's organic liquid scintillator". Nucl. Inst. and Meth. A: V769, P79 (2015).

M. Askins, et al., "The Physics and Nuclear Nonproliferation Goals of WATCHMAN: A WAter CHerenkov Monitor for Antineutrinos". arXiv: 1502.01132, (2015)

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