Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

James Begg

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-422-3844

Ph.D. Environmental Geochemistry
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
B.Sc. Environmental Geology
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

Research Interests

  • Environmental behavior of radiologically significant elements (e.g. Tc, U, Np, Pu)
  • Microbially-mediated redox processes and their effects on radionuclide behavior
  • Mineral-contaminant interactions

Selected Publications

Begg, JDC; Burke, IT; Lloyd, JR; Boothman, C; Shaw, S; Charnock, JM; Morris, K (2011) Bioreduction behaviour of U(VI) sorbed to sediments, Geomicrobiology Journal, 28, pp.160-171.

Law, GTW; Geissler, A; Lloyd, JR; Livens, FR; Boothman, C; Begg, J; Burke, ITB; Charnock, JM; Denecke, MA; Rothe, J; Dardenne, K; Morris, K (2010) Geomicrobial redox cycling of the transuranic element neptunium, Environmental Science and Technology, 44, pp.8924-8929.

Morris, K; Livens, FR; Charnock, JM; Burke, IT; McBeth, JM; Begg, JDC; Boothman, C; Lloyd, JR (2008) An X-ray absorption study of the fate of technetium in reduced and reoxidised sediments and mineral phases, Applied Geochemistry, 23, pp.603-617

Begg, JDC; Burke, IT; Charnock, JM; Morris, K (2008) Technetium reduction and reoxidation behaviour in Dounreay soils, Radiochimica Acta, 96, pp.631-636.

Begg, JDC; Burke, IT; Morris, K (2007) The behaviour of technetium during microbial reduction in amended soils from Dounreay, UK, Science of the Total Environment, 373, pp.297-304.

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