Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jae Hyuck Yoo

Research Scientist
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-422-0234

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
University of California at Berkeley
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Seoul National University, Korea
B.A. Electrical Engineering
Yonsei University, Korea

Research Interests

I'm interested in light matter interaction – how light energy is absorbed in a target material, how the absorbed energy is converted and transported throughout the target, and how the target material responds to it. These basic questions are important to understand the physical mechanism such as target material damage upon laser irradiation and its mitigation, and to develop useful optoelectric applications such as infrared photodetectors. Previously, I have developed novel laser material processing techniques using laser induced-heating, deposition, and ablation, and also performed optical material characterizations such as Raman and scanning photocurrent microscope.

Honors and Awards

  • DDST Excellence in Publication Award, LLNL, 2018
  • Kwangjeong Scholarship, Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, Korea, 2010 ~ 2014

Full list of publications 

Selected (Recent) Publications

Dongwoo Paeng*, Jae-Hyuck Yoo*, Junyeob Yeo, Daeho Lee, Eunpa Kim, Seung Hwan Ko, and Costas P. Grigoropoulos, "Low-cost facile fabrication of flexible transparent copper electrode by nanosecond laser ablation," Advanced Materials, *Equal contribution, (2015)

Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Jung Bin In, Ioanna Sakellari, Rajesh Raman, Manyalibo Matthews, Selim Elhadj, Cheng Zheng, and Costas Grigoropoulos, "Directed dewetting of amorphous silicon film by a donut-shaped laser pulse," Nanotechnology, 26 165303 (2015)

DongWoo Paeng, Daeho Lee, Junyeob Yeo, Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Frances I Allen, Eunpa Kim, Hongyun So, Hee K Park, Andrew M Minor, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Laser-induced reductive sintering of nickel oxide nanoparticles under ambient conditions," The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119 6363–6372 (2015)

Jung Bin In, Ben Hsia, Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Seungmin Hyun, Carlo Carraro, Roya Maboudian, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Facile fabrication of flexible all solid-state micro-supercapacitor by direct laser writing of porous carbon in polyimide," Carbon 83, 144-151 (2015)

Jung Bin In, Bin Xiang, David J Hwang, Sang-Gil Ryu, Eunpa Kim, Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Oscar Dubon, Andrew M Minor, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Generation of single-crystalline domain in nano-scale silicon pillars by near-field short pulsed laser," Applied Physics A 111 (1), 277-285 (2013)

Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Jong Bok Park, Sanghoon Ahn, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Laser‐induced direct graphene patterning and simultaneous transferring method for graphene sensor platform," Small 9 (24), 4269-4275 (2013)

Sang-Gil Ryu, Eunpa Kim, Jae-Hyuck Yoo, David J Hwang, Bin Xiang, Oscar D Dubon, Andrew M Minor, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "On demand shape-selective integration of individual vertical germanium nanowires on a Si (111) substrate via laser-localized heating," ACS Nano 7 (3), 2090-2098 (2013)

Jong Bok Park, Jae-Hyuck Yoo, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Multi-scale graphene patterns on arbitrary substrates via laser-assisted transfer-printing process," Applied Physics Letters 101 (4), 043110 (2012)

Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Jung Bin In, Jong Bok Park, Hojeong Jeon, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "Graphene folds by femtosecond laser ablation," Applied Physics Letters 100 (23), 233124 (2012)

Bin Xiang, David J Hwang, Jung Bin In, Sang-Gil Ryu, Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Oscar Dubon, Andrew M Minor, and Costas P Grigoropoulos, "In situ TEM near-field optical probing of nanoscale silicon crystallization," Nano letters 12 (5), 2524-2529 (2012)

Misun Cha, Jaehyuck Yoo, and Junghoon Lee, "Bacterial cell manipulation by dielectrophoresis on a hydrophobic guide structure," Electrochemistry communications 13 (6), 600-604 (2011)

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