Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jianchao Ye

Research Staff
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-422-2974

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research Interests

  • Atomic layer deposition techniques for surface functionalization and fabrication of layered nanostructures;
  • Synthesis and characterization of advanced nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage;
  • Investigation of pore-structure tunability and ion-transportation phenomena;
  • Microscale mechanical characterization using nanoindentation and related techniques.

Selected (Recent) Publications

J Ye, Y Wang, T W Barbee, A Hamza. Orientation-dependent hardness and strain rate sensitivity in nanotwin copper. Applied Physics Letters (2012) vol. 100 pp. 261912.

J Ye, J P Chu, Y C Chen, Q Wang, Y Yang. Hardness, yield strength, and plastic flow in thin film metallic-glass. Journal of Applied Physics (2012) vol. 112 pp. 053516.

J Ye, J Lu, C T Liu, Q Wang, Y Yang. Atomistic free-volume zones and inelastic deformation of metallic glasses. Nature Materials (2010) vol. 9 (8) pp. 619-623.

J Ye, J Lu, Y Yang, P K Liaw. Study of the intrinsic ductile to brittle transition mechanism of metallic glasses. Acta Materialia (2009) vol. 57 (20) pp. 6037-6046.

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