Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ian Winter

Postdoctoral Researcher
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-422-2131

PhD Materials Science and Engineering
– University of California, Berkeley


Ian Winter joined LLNL as a Postdoctoral Research Staff Member in the Computational Materials Science Group in February 2019. His research interests include computational materials design,  elasticity theory, molecular dynamics, and density-functional theory. His current research focuses on modeling materials interfaces. Prior to joining LLNL, he received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Selected Publications

  1. I. S. Winter, J. Montoya, K. A. Persson and D. C. Chrzan, “Ab initio calculation of thermal expansion with application to understanding Invar behavior in gum metal,” Physical Review Materials 2, 073601 (2018).
  2. I. S. Winter, Z. J. Wang, P. Hosemann and D. C. Chrzan , “Impact of a dense helium-bubble superlattice on the deformation of copper by twinning,” Journal of Nuclear Materials 508, 481 (2018).
  3. I. S. Winter,  M. de Jong, M. Asta and D. C. Chrzan, ”Computing elastic anisotropy to discover gum-metal-like structural alloys,” Physical Review Materials 1, 030601 (2017).
  4. I. S. Winter, T. Tsuru and D. C. Chrzan, “Lattice softening in body-centered-cubic lithium-magnesium alloys,” Physical Review Materials 1, 033606 (2017).
  5. M. de Jong, I. Winter, D. C. Chrzan and M. Asta, “Ideal strength and ductility in metals from second- and third-order elastic constants,” Physical Review B 96, 014105 (2017).
  6. I. S. Winter, M. Poschmann, T. Tsuru and D. C. Chrzan, “Dislocations near elastic instability in high-pressure body-centered-cubic magnesium,” Physical Review B 95, 064107 (2017).

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