Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Kyle Sullivan

Research Staff
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-422-1702

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland at College Park
B.S. Physics
State University of New York at Geneseo

Research Interests

Energetic Materials, mainly inorganic thermites. Using additive manufacturing techniques to develop large-scale energetic parts with the reactivity intrinsically specified by the microstructure.

Selected (Recent) Publications

K. Sullivan, N. Piekiel, C. Wu, S. Kelly, T. Hufnagel, S. Chowdhury, K. Fezzaa, and M. R. Zachariah, "Reactive Sintering: An Important Component in the Combustion of Nanocomposite Thermites." In press, Combustion and Flame. Note: selected as feature article in the January 2012 issue

K. Sullivan, N. W. Piekiel, S. Chowdhury, C. Wu, M. R. Zachariah, and C. E. Johnson, "Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Nanoscale Al/AgIO3: A Potential Energetic Biocidal System," Comb. Sci. and Tech., 183 (3), 285, 2011.

K. Sullivan, W. Chiou, R. Fiore, and M. R. Zachariah, "In-situ Microscopy of Rapidly Heated Nano-Al and Nano-Al/WO3 Composites." Applied Physics Letters, 97, 133104, 2010.

K. Sullivan and M.R. Zachariah, "Simultaneous Pressure and Optical Measurements of Nanoaluminum-Based Thermites: An Investigation of the Reaction Mechanism," J. Propulsion and Power, 26, 467, 2010.

K. Sullivan, G. Young, and M. R. Zachariah, "Enhanced Reactivity of Nano-B/Al/CuO MIC's," Combustion and Flame, 156, 302, 2009.

S. Chowdhury, K. Sullivan, N. Piekiel, L. Zhou and M. R. Zachariah, "Diffusive vs. Explosive Reaction at the Nanoscale." J. Phys. Chem. C., 114, 9191, 2010.

G. Young, K. Sullivan, M. R. Zachariah, K. Yu, "Combustion Characteristics of Boron Nanoparticles," Combustion and Flame, 156, 322, 2009.

D. Firmansyah, T. Kim, S. Kim, K. Sullivan, M. R. Zachariah and D. Lee, "Crystalline phase reduction of cuprous oxide (Cu2O) nanoparticles accompanied by a morphology change during ethanol-assisted spray pyrolysis," Langmuir, 25, 7063, 2009.

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