Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ryan Stillwell

Postdoctoral Appointment
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-422-8155

Ph.D. Physics
Florida State University
M.Sc. Physics
Florida State University
B.S. Physics
Boston College

Research Interests

To exploit extreme environments for materials design, synthesis and characterization by leveraging my expertise of high pressure, low temperature and high magnetic field techniques with the ultimate goal of securing the energy future of the nation.

Honors and Awards

International Travel Award, Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM), 2010

Selected (Recent) Publications

  1. "Pressure-driven Fermi surface reconstruction of chromium." R. L. Stillwell, D. E. Graf, W. A. Coniglio, T. P. Murphy, E. C. Palm, J. H. Park, D. VanGennep, P. Schlottmann, S. W. Tozer. Physical Review B, 88, 125119 (2013).
  2. "A new oxytelluride: Perovskite and CsCl intergrowth in Ba3Yb2O5Te." J. B. Whalen, T. Besara, R. Vasquez, F. Herrera, J. Sun, D. Ramirez, R. L. Stillwell, S. W. Tozer, T. D. Tokumoto, S. A. McGill, J. Allen, M. Davidson, T. Siegrist. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 203, 204 (2013).
  3. "Transport spectroscopy of symmetry-broken insulating states in bilayer graphene." J. Velasco, L. Jing, W. Bao, Y. Lee, P. Kratz, V. Aji, M. Bockrath, C.N. Lau, C. Varma, R. Stillwell, D. Smirnov, F. Zhang, J. Jung, A.H. MacDonald. Nature Nanotechnology 7, 156 (2012).
  4. "Pressure dependence of the BaFe2As2 Fermi surface within the spin density wave state." D. Graf, R. Stillwell, T. P. Murphy, J. H. Park, E. C. Palm, P. Schlottmann, R. D. McDonald, J. G. Analytis, I. R. Fisher, S. W. Tozer. Physical Review B 85, 8 (2012).

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