Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nan Shen

Staff Scientist
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-422-1966

Ph.D. Physics
Harvard University
M.A. Physics
Harvard University
B.A. Physics and Applied Mathematics
Rhode Island College

Research Interests

Laser induced damage and mitigation in optical materials. Nonlinear optical microscopy and spectroscopy. Ultrafast laser interaction with biological materials.

Selected Publications

Nan Shen, Jeffery D. Bude and Christopher W. Carr, "Model laser damage precursors for high quality optical materials", Optics Express 22(3), 5839 (2014).

Nan Shen, Manyalibo J. Matthews, Selim Elhadj, Phil E. Miller, Art J. Nelson, Julie Hamilton, "Correlating optical damage threshold with intrinsic defect populations in fused silica as a function of heat treatment temperature", Journal of Physics D 46(16), 165305 (2013).

Manyalibo J. Matthews, Nan Shen, John Honig, Jeffery D. Bude and Alexader M. Rubenchik, "Phase modulation and morphological evolution associated with surface-bound particle ablation", Journal of the Optical Society of America B 30(12), 3233 (2013).

Nan Shen, Phil E. Miller, Jeff D. Bude, Ted A. Laurence, Tayyab I. Suratwala, William A. Steele, Michael D. Feit, Lana L. Wong, "Thermal annealing of laser damage precursors on fused silica surfaces", Optical Engineering 51(12), 121817 (2012).

Nan Shen, Manyalibo J. Matthews, James E. Fair, Jerald A. Britten, Hoang T. Nguyen, Diane Cooke, Selim Elhadj, Steven T. Yang, "Laser Smoothing of sub-micron grooves in hydroxyl-rich fused silica", Applied Surface Science 256, 4031-4037 (2010).

Ted A. Laurence, Jeffery D. Bude, Nan Shen, Theodore Feldman, Philip E. Miller, William A. Steele, and Tayyab I. Suratwala, "Metalliclike photoluminescence and absorption in fused silica surface flaw", Applied Physics Letters 94, 151114 (2009).

Nan Shen, Chris B. Schaffer, Debayjoti Datta, and Eric Mazur, "Ablation of cytoskeletal filaments and mitochondria in live cells using a femtosecond laser nanoscissor", Mechanics and Chemistry of Biosystems 2(1), 17-25 (2005).

Yuka Tabe, Nan Shen, Eric Mazur, and Hiroshi Yokoyama, "Simultaneous Observation of Molecular Tilt and Azimuthal Angle Distributions in Spontaneously Modulated Liquid-Crystalline Langmuir Monolayers", Physical Review Letters 82, 759-762 (1999).

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