Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Zhen Qi

Postdoctoral Appointment
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-423-9447

Hamburg University of Technology
Shandong University
Shandong University

Research Interests

Fabrication, characterization and applications of nanoporous materials via dealloying.

Honors and Awards

Skinner Price for the Best Poster Presentation (Faraday Discussion 176)

Selected (Recent) Publications

Z. Qi, U. Vainio, A. Kornowski, M. Ritter, H. Weller, H.J. Jin, J. Weissmuller, Porous Gold with a Nested-Network Architecture and Ultrafine Structure, Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 2530-2536, 2015.

Z. Qi, J. Weissmueller, Hierarchical Nested-Network Nanostructure by Dealloying, ACS NANO 7, 5948-5954, 2013.

Z. Qi, H.R. Geng, X.G. Wang, C.C Zhao, H. Ji, C. Zhang, J.L. Xu, Z.H. Zhang, Novel nanocrystalline PdNi alloy catalyst for methanol and ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media, J. Power. Sources 196, 5823-5828, 2011.

Z. Qi, Y.Z. Gong, C. Zhang, J.L. Xu, X.G. Wang, C.C Zhao, H. Ji, Z.H. Zhang, Fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanoporous Cu/(Fe,Cu)3O4 composites with excellent electrical conductivity by one-step dealloying, J. Mater. Chem. 21, 9716-9724, 2011.

Z. Qi, C.C Zhao, X.G. Wang, J.K. Lin, W. Shao, Z.H. Zhang, X.F. Bian, Formation and Characterization of Monolithic Nanoporous Copper by Chemical Dealloying of Al-Cu Alloys, J. Phys. Chem. C. 16, 6694-6698, 2009.

Z. Qi, Z.H. Zhang, H.L. Jia, Y.J. Qu. G.D. Liu, X.F. Bian, Alloy composition dependence of formation of porous Ni prepared by rapid solidification and chemical dealloying, J. Alloys. Compound. 472, 71-78, 2009.

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