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Phil Miller

Research Staff
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-422-6785

Ph.D. Chemistry
University of Arizona
B.A. Chemistry, summa cum laude
California State College – San Bernardino

Research Interests

Optical fabrication; precursors of laser damage; whole optic migration of laser damage precursors; fracture of brittle materials; materials characterization.

Selected Publications

T. Suratwala, R. Steele, L. Wong, M. Feit, P.E. Miller, R. Dylla-Spears, N. Shen, R. Desjardin, "Chemistry & formation of the Beilby layer during polishing of fused silica glass surfaces" Journal of the American Ceramic Society In Press (2015).

T. Suratwala, W. Steele, M. Feit, R. Dylla-Spears, R. DesJardin, D. Mason, L. Wong, P. Geraghty, P. E. Miller, N. Shen, "Mechanisms & Control of Surface Figure & Roughness during Pad Polishing", Optical Fabrication and Testing, OTuBu. 1 (2014).

J. Bude, P.E. Miller, T. Suratwala, T. Laurence, W. Steele, S. Baxamusa, L. Wong, C. Carr, D. Cross, M. Monticelli, M. Feit, G. Guss, "Silica laser damage mechanisms, precursors and their mitigation," SPIE Laser-induced damage in optical materials: 2014, 9237, 92307S, Sept. 2014.

T. Suratwala, R. Steele, M. Feit, R. Dylla-Spears, R. Desjardin, D. Mason, L. Wong, P. Geraghty, P.E. Miller, N. Shen, "Convergent Polishing: A Simple, Rapid, Full Aperture Polishing Process of High Quality Optical Flats & Spheres", Journal of Visualized Experiments (94) e51965, DOI: 10.3791/51965 (2104) URL: (2014).

R. Dylla-Spears, L. Wong, P.E. Miller, M. Feit, R. Steele, T. Suratwala, "Charged Micelle Halo Mechanism for Agglomeration Reduction in Metal Oxide Particle Based Polishing Slurries" Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 447 32-43 (2014).

S. Baxamusa, P.E. Miller, L. Wong, R. Steete, N. Shen, J. Bude, "Mitigation of organic laser damage precursors from chemical processing of fused silica," Optics Express, Vol. 22, 29568-29577, Dec 2014.

J. Bude, P.E. Miller, S. Baxamusa, N. Shen, T. Laurence, W. Steele, T. Suratwala, L. Wong, W. Carr, D. Cross and M. Monticelli, "High fluence laser damage precursors and their mitigation in fused silica," Opt. Exp., Vol. 22, 5839 (2014).

Nan Shen, Manyalibo J. Matthews, Selim Elhadj, Philip. E. Miller, Art J. Nelson, Julie Hamilton, "Correlating optical damage threshold with intrinsic defect populations in fused silica as a function of heat treatment temperature", Journal of Physics D 46(16), 165305 (2013).

T. Suratwala, P. Miller, J. Bude, W. Steele, N. Shen, M. Monticelli, M. Feit, T. Laurence, M. Norton, C. Carr, L. Wong, "HF-Based etching processes for improving laser damage resistance of fused silica optical surfaces," J. Am. Ceram. Soc, 94, 416 (2011).

N. Shen, P. Miller, J. Bude, T. Laurence, T. Suratwala, R. Steele, M. Feit, L. Wong, "Thermal annealing of laser damage precursors on fused silica surfaces" Optical Engineering 51(12) 121817 (2012).

J. Heebner, M. Borden, P. Miller, S. Hunter, K. Christensen, M. Scanlan, C. Haynam, P. Wegner, M. Hermann, G. Bruton, E. Tse, A. AWWAL, N. WONG, L. Seppla, M. Franks, E. Marley, K. Williams, T. Budge, M. Henesian, C. Stoltz, T. Suratwala, M. Montecelli, D. Walmer, S. Dixit, C. Widmayer, J. Wolfe, J. Bude, K. McCarty, and J. M. Dinicola, "Programmable beam spatial shaping system for the National Ignition Facility," Proc. SPIE 7916 (2011).

P.E. Miller, J. Bude, T. Suratwala, N. Shen, T. Laurence, W. Steele, J. Menapace, M. Feit, L. Wong, "Fracture-induced sub-bandgap absorption as a precursor to optical damage on fused silica surface," Opt. Lett. 35, 2702 (2010).

J. Heebner, M. Borden, P. E. Miller, C. Stolz, T. Suratwala, P. Wegner, M. Hermann, M. Henesian, C. Haynam, S. Hunter, K. Christensen, N. Wong, L. Seppala, G. Brunton, E. Tse, A.l Awwal, M. Franks, E. Marley, K. Williams, M. Scanlan, T. Budge, M. Monticelli, D. Walmer, S. Dixit, C. Widmayer, J. Wolfe, J. Bude, K. McCarty, J. DiNicola, "A programmable beam shaping system for tailoring the profile of high fluence laser beams", SPIE 7842 (2010) 1C.

M. Feit, T. Suratwala, L. Wong, W. Steele, P. E. Miller, J. Bude, "Modeling wet chemical etching of surface flaws on fused silica", SPIE 7504 (2009) 75040L-1.

P. Miller, T. Suratwala, J. Bude, T. Laurence, N. Shen, W. Steele, M. Feit, J. Menapace, L. Wong, "Laser damage precursors in fused silica", SPIE 7504 (2009) 75040X-1.

T. Laurence, J. Bude, N. Shen, P. Miller, W. Steele, G. Guss, J. Adams, L. Wong, M. Feit, T. Suratwala, "Ultra-fast photoluminescence as a diagnostic for laser damage initiation", SPIE 7504 (2009) 750416-1

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T. Suratwala, R. Steele, M. Feit, L. Wong, P. Miller, J. Menapace, P. Davis, "Effect of Rogue particles on the sub-surface damage of fused silica during grinding/polishing", Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 354 (2008) 2023.

T. Suratwala, L. Wong, P. Miller, M. Feit, J. Menapace, R. Steele, P. Davis, D. Walmer, "Sub-surface mechanical damage distributions during grinding of fused silica," Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 352 (2006) 5601.

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T. Suratwala, J. Campbell, P. Miller, C. Thorsness, M. Riley, P. Ehrmann, and R. Steele, "Phosphate laser glass for NIF: Production status, slab selection, and recent technical advances," SPIE 534, 102-113 (2004).

Patents Awarded

P. E. Miller, T. I. Suratwala, J. D. Bude, N. Shen, W. A. Steele, T. A. Laurence, M.D. Feit, L. L. Wong "Methods for globally treating silica optics to reduce optical damage" US Patent 8313662 issued 11/20/2012

J. A. Menapace, J. E. Peterson, B. M. Penetrante, P. E. Miller, T. G. Parham, M. A. Nichols, "Combined advanced finishing and UV laser conditioning process for producing damage resistant optics" US Patent 6920765 issued 7/26/2005

W. McLean II, P. E. Miller Purification of uranium alloys by differential solubility of oxides and production of purified fuel precursors" US Patent 5698173 issued 12/16/1997

W. McLean II, P. E. Miller, J. A. Horton "Compact reaction cell for homogenizing and down-blending highly enriched uranium metal" US Patent 5411722 issued 5/2/1995 Provisional and Patent Applications

R.J. Dylla-Spears, M. D. Feit, P. E. Miller, W. A. Steele, T. I. Suratwala, L L. Wong "Method for preventing agglomeration of charged colloids without loss of surface activity" US Provisional Patent Application 065290 (10/16/2014)

T. Suratwala, W. Steele, M. Feit, R. Desjardin, D. Mason, R. Dylla-Spears, L. Wong, P. Miller, P. Geraghty, "Method and System for Convergent Polishing" US Provisional Patent Application 61454893 (3/21/2011)

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