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Alfredo Metere

Postdoctoral Appointment
Material Sciences Division

 +1 925 423 6913

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
Stockholm University, Sweden
M.S. Materials Chemistry
Stockholm University, Sweden
B.S. Industrial Biotechnology
University of Cagliari, Italy

Personal Background

Alfredo Metere joined LLNL as a Postdoctoral Research Staff Member in Computational Materials Science Group in November 2015. He is developing an efficient Fast Multipole Method (FMM) code, tuned for massively parallel, heterogeneous HPC facilities, like the new Sierra supercomputer . His code will be integrated in ddcMD, an efficient molecular dynamics program developed at LLNL. Upon completion of the FMM code, he will use it to simulate the behavior of certain plasmas in nuclear fusion conditions, in line with the real experiments conducted at National Ignition Facility . As side projects, he is involved in:

  • Software development of new scientific 3D visualization and visual analysis algorithms and code for VisIt project at LLNL.
  • Research in condensed matter physics, studying the self-assembly process in low-density simple monatomic liquids upon cooling.

His PhD work has been conducted in collaboration with world-leading scientists, like Prof. Michael O'Keeffe, Prof. Sven Lidin, and Prof. Mikhail Dzugutov.

In the past, he worked as a research engineer for KTH, Sweden, to develop GROMACS. He also worked as expert computer assistant in Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, and a HPC Linux cluster system administrator in Stockholm University, Sweden. He was also involved in software development for high-energy physics applications at University of Siena, Italy, and he worked as a freelance IT consultant for 10+ years. His solid background in computational science and software development was cultivated since his childhood as a passion.

His hobbies are physics, audio-visual art creation, digital hardware design and meeting new interesting people.

Selected Papers

"Formation of a columnar liquid crystal in a simple one-component system of particles ", Metere A., Sarman S., Oppelstrup T., and Dzugutov M., Soft Matter, 11, 4606-4613 (2015).

"Formation of a new archetypal Metal-Organic Framework from a simple monatomic liquid", Metere A, Oleynikov P., Dzugutov M., O'Keeffe M., J. Chem. Phys., 141, 234503 (2014).

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