Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Manyalibo Matthews

Deputy Group Leader
Optical Materials and Target Science Group
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-424-6762

Ph.D. Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. Applied Physics
University of California - Davis

Research Interests

I currently serve as Deputy Group Leader in the Optical Materials and Target Science group in MSD. My research interests at LLNL include novel applications in laser-assisted material processing (e.g. metal additive manufacturing, laser-based CVD, nano-coarsening of metal films, non-contact laser polishing of glass), optical damage science, vibrational spectroscopy and in situ optical characterization of transient processes. Prior to LLNL I was a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs and worked on materials characterization of optical devices using novel spectroscopic techniques, stress-induced birefringence management in planar optical devices and research in advanced broadband access networks.

Selected Publications

  1. (Cover Article) M. J. Matthews, S. T. Yang, N. Shen, S. Elhadj, R. N. Raman, G. Guss, et al., "Micro-Shaping, Polishing, and Damage Repair of Fused Silica Surfaces Using Focused Infrared Laser Beams," Advanced Engineering Materials, vol. 17, p. 247, 2015.
  2. M. J. Matthews, N. Shen, J. Honig, J. D. Bude, and A. M. Rubenchik, "Phase modulation and morphological evolution associated with surface-bound particle ablation," JOSA B, vol. 30, pp. 3233-3242, 2013.
  3. M. J. Matthews, G. Petitpas, and S. M. Aceves, "A study of spin isomer conversion kinetics in supercritical fluid hydrogen for cryogenic fuel storage technologies," Applied Physics Letters, vol. 99, p. 081906, 2011.
  4. (Cover Article) S. T. Yang, M. J. Matthews, S. Elhadj, D. Cooke, G. M. Guss, V. G. Draggoo, et al., "Comparing the use of mid-infrared versus far-infrared lasers for mitigating damage growth on fused silica," Applied Optics, vol. 49, pp. 2606-2616, 2010.
  5. M. J. Matthews, J. Hsu, S. Gu, and T. Kuech, "Carrier density imaging of lateral epitaxially overgrown GaN using scanning confocal Raman microscopy," Applied Physics Letters, vol. 79, pp. 3086-3088, 2001.
  6. M. Matthews, M. Pimenta, G. Dresselhaus, M. Dresselhaus, and M. Endo, "Origin of dispersive effects of the Raman D band in carbon materials," Physical Review B, vol. 59, p. R6585, 1999.


  • H.K. Chow, M.J. Matthews, D. Suvakovic, D. Van Veen, "Methods and apparatus for achieving multiple bit rates in passive optical networks", U.S. Patent 8,712,243 issued April 29, 2014
  • M.J. Matthews and C. Xu, "Modulation Phase Shift To Compensate For Optical Passband", U.S. Patent 7,403,718 issued July 22, 2008
  • M.J. Matthews, "Short haul optical communications" U.S. Patent 7,212,746 issued May 1, 2007
  • G.M. Boles, A.E. Dunlop, I. Hadzic, M.J. Matthews, D. Suvakovic, D. Van Veen, "Clock, Data And Time Recovery Using Bit-Resolved Timing Registers", U.S. Patent 7,123,675 issued October 17, 2006
  • G.M. Boles, I. Hadzic, M.J. Matthews, D. Suvakovic, D. Van Veen, "Method And Apparatus For Multiphase, Fast-Locking Clock And Data Recovery", U.S. Patent 7,242,739 issued July 10, 2007

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