Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Colin Harthcock

Postdoctoral Appointment
Materials Science Division

Ph.D. Chemistry -
Oregon State University
M.S. Chemistry -
Oregon State University
B.A. Chemistry -
Willamette University

Research Interests

Colin is part of the National Ignition Facility group developing dielectric thin films of use in the NIF. The group uses the ion beam sputtering technique to create these state-or-the-art films and to investigate optical damage in the hopes of pushing film damage thresholds.

Colin is also interested in the STS and STM of graphene and porphyrin monolayers following reaction with atomic radicals, as well as gas phase FIR spectroscopy of PAH species which may be constituents in the interstellar medium.

Selected (Recent) Publications

Abdolreza Jahanbekam, Colin Harthcock, David Lee, “Radical induced intermolecular linkage and energy level modification of a porphyrin monolayer”, Chemical Communications 2017 (53) 1104.

Colin Harthcock, Jie Zhang, Wei Kong, Masaaki Mitsui, Yasuhiro Ohshima, “Electronic spectra and excited-state dynamics of acridine and its hydrated clusters”, The Journal of Chemical Physics 2017 (146) 134311.

Colin Harthcock, Jie Zhang, Wei Kong, “Zero kinetic energy photoelectron spectroscopy of triphenylene”, The Journal of Chemical Physics 2015 (140), 244308.

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