Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jeffrey Colvin

Materials-Science Division

 +1 925-422-3273

Ph.D. Physics
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
M.S. Physics
University of New Mexico
B.A. Physics
Rutgers University

Research Interests

Hydrodynamics and turbulence; laser-matter interaction physics; ICF target design; laser experiment target design; properties of materials under dynamic shock loading; computational design of materials science experiments on lasers.

Selected Publications

Now Available: Extreme Physics by Jeff Colvin and Jon Larsen For more information see

J. D. Colvin, K. B. Fournier, J. Kane, S. Langer, M. J. May, H. A. Scott, "A computational study of x-ray emission from high-Z x-ray sources on the National Ignition Facility laser", High Energy Density Physics 7, 263 (2011).

J. D. Colvin, A. Shestakov, J. Stölken, R. Vignes, "The role of radiation transport in the thermal response of semitransparent materials to localized laser heating", J. Appl. Phys. 109, 053506 (2011).

J. D. Colvin, K. B. Fournier, M. J. May, H. A. Scott, "A computational study of x-ray emission from laser-irradiated Ge-doped foams", Phys.Plasmas 17, 073111 (2010).

J. D. Colvin, A. F. Jankowski, M.Kumar, W. J. MoberlyChan, B. W. Reed, D. L. Paisley, and T. E. Tierney, "Role of spall in microstructure evolution during laser-shock-driven rapid undercooling and resolidification", J. Appl. Phys. 105, 014902 (2009).

J. D. Colvin, R. W. Minich, and D. H. Kalantar, "A model for plasticity kinetics and its role in simulating the dynamic behavior of Fe at high strain rates", Intl. J. Plasticity 25, 6003-611 (2009).

J. D. Colvin, C. Cerjan, R. Hoffman, M. Stoyer, and P. Amendt, "Radiochemical Tracers as a Mix Diagnostic for the Ignition Double-Shell Capsule", Phys. Plasmas 15, 102704 (2008).

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