Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jeff Bude

Group Leader - Optical Materials
and Target Science

Materials Science Division

Associate Program Manager in Optics
and Material S&T

NIF and Photon Sciences 

 +1 925-424-2407

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Research Interests

My research interests include optical and electronic materials and devices, computational physics, the prevention and mitigation of laser-induced damage in high power, high fluence optical materials, laser-material interactions, and laser-based material processing.

Selected Publications

S. Ly, T. Laurence, N. Shen, B. Hollingsworth, M. Norton, and J. Bude, "Giga-shot optical damage in silica optics at 351nm," Opt. Express, Vol. 23, no. 4, Feb. 2015.

J. Bude, P. Miller, T. Suratwala, T. Laurence, W. Steele, S. Baxamusa, L. Wong, C. Carr, D. Cross, M. Monticelli, M. Feit, G. Guss, "Silica laser damage mechanisms, precursors and their mitigation," SPIE Laser-induced damage in optical materials: 2014, 9237, 92307S, Sept. 2014.

S. Baxamusa, PE Miller, L. Wong, R. Steete, N. Shen, J. Bude, "Mitigation of organic laser damage precursors from chemical processing of fused silica," Optics Express, Vol. 22, 29568-29577, Dec 2014.

J. Bude, P. Miller, S. Baxamusa, N. Shen, T. Laurence, W. Steele, T. Suratwala, L. Wong, W. Carr, D. Cross and M. Monticelli, "High fluence laser damage precursors and their mitigation in fused silica," Opt. Exp. Vol. 22, 5839 (2014).

T. Laurence, J. Bude, N. Shen, "Quasi-continuum photoluminescence: usual broad spectral and temporal characteristics found in defect surfaces of silica and other materials," J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 115, 083501, (2014).

N. Shen, J. Bude. C. Carr, "Model laser damage precursors for high quality optical materials," Opt. Express, Vol 22, No.3, 3393.

T. Laurence, J. Bude, S. Ly, N. Shen, "Extracting the distribution of laser damage precursors on fused silica surfaces for 351nm, 3ns laser pulses at high fluences (20-150J/cm2), Opt. Exp. Vol. 20, 10, 11561, May 2012.

J. Kline et al, "Hohlram energetics scaling to 520 TW on the National Ignition Facility," Phys. Plasmas 20, 056314, 2013.

B. Sadigh, P. Erhart, D. Aberg, A. Trave, E. Schwegler, J. Bude, "First,-Principles calculations of the Urbach Tail in the Optical Absorption Spectra of Silica Glass," PRL 106, 027401 (2011).

T. Suratwala, P. Miller, J. Bude, W. Steele, N. Shen, M. Monticelli, M. Feit, T. Laurence, M. Norton, C. Carr, L. Wong, "HF-Based etching processes for improving laser damage resistance of fused silica optical surfaces," J. Am. Ceram. Soc, 94, 416 (2011).

C. Carr, J. Bude, "Laser-supported solid-state absorption fronts in silica," PRB 82, 184304 (2010).

P. Miller, J. Bude, T. Suratwala, N. Shen, T. Laurence, W. Steele, J. Menapace, M. Feit, L. Wong, "Fracture-induced sub-bandgap absorption as a precursor to optical damage on fused silica surface," Opt. Lett. 35, 2702 (2010).

J. Adams M. Bolourchi, J. Bude, et al, "Results of applying a non-evaporative mitigation technique to laser-initiated surface damage on fused silica optics," SPIE vol. 7842, 784223 (2010).

P. Miller, T. Suratwala, J. Bude et al, "Laser damage precursors in fused silica," SPIE vol. 7504, 75040X (2009).

T. Laurence, J. Bude, N. Shen, T. Feldman, P. Miller, W. Steele, T. Suratwala, "Metallic-like photoluminescence and absorption in fused silica flaws," APL 94, 151114 (2009).

J. Bude, G. Guss, M. Matthews, M.L. Spaeth, "The effect of lattice temperature on surface damage in fused silica optics," Proceedings of SPIE, 38th Annual Boulder Damage Symposium, Laser-induced damage in optical materials, 6720-09, 2007.

Additional publications:

Ye, P.D., Wilk, G.D.; Yang, B.; Kwo, J.; Gossmann, H.-J.L.; Hong, M.; Ng, K.K.; Bude, J. "Depletion-mode InGaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor with oxide gate dielectric grown by atomic-layer deposition," Applied Physics Letters vol.84, no.3 : 434-6 , 19 Jan. 2004.

M.R. Pinto, E. Sangiorgi, J. Bude, "Silicon transconductance scaling into the overshoot regime," J. Appl. Phys. ???

J. Bude and K. Hess, "Thresholds of Impact Ionization in semiconductors," JAP., 72, p.3554, 1992.

J. Bude, K. Hess, G.J. Iafrate, "Impact ionization in semiconductors: beyond the golden rule," Phys. Rev. B, 45, p. 10958, 1992.

J. Bude, N. Sano, A. Yoshii, "Hot electron luminescence in silicon," Phys. Rev. B, 45, p.5848, 1992

P.D. Ye, D.G. Wilk, B. Yang, S. Chu, K. Ng, J. Bude, "Improvement of GaAs metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor drain-source breakdown voltage by oxide surface passivation grown by atomic layer deposition," Solid-state Elec., 49, p. 790, May 2005.

D. Esseni, J. Bude, Luca Selmi, "On interface and oxide degradation in VLSI MOSFETs - Part I: Deuterium Effect in CHE Stress Regime," IEEE Trans. Elec. Dev., Vol. 49. no. 2, p.254 2001.

D. Esseni, J. Bude, Luca Selmi, "On interface and oxide degradation in VLSI MOSFETs - Part II: Fowler-Nordheim Stress Regime," IEEE Trans. Elec. Dev., Vol. 49. No. 2, p.247, 2001.

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Nair, D.R., Mahapatra, S.; Shukuri, S.; Bude, J., "Explanation of P/E cycling impact on drain disturb in flash EEPROMs under CHE and CHISEL programming operation," IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES 52 (4): 534-540 APR 2005.

J.D. Bude, A. Frommer, M.R. Pinto, G.R. Weber, "EEPROM/Flash sub 3V drain-source bias hot carrier writing," proceedings of 1995 Int. Elect. Dev. Meeting (IEDM).

J.D. Bude, "Gate current by impact ionization feedback in sub-micron MOSFET technologies," proceedings of 1995 VLSI Tech. Sym.

P.D. Ye, B. Yang, K.K. Ng, J. Bude, G.D. Wilk, S. Halder, J.C.M. Hwang, "GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor high-electron-mobility-transistor with atomic layer deposited Al2O3 as gate dielectric," Applied Physics Letters, 86, 534, Feb. 2005.

Nair D.R.; Mahapatra, S.; Shukuri, S.; Bude, J.D., "Drain disturb during CHISEL programming of NOR flash EEPROMs-physical mechanisms and impact of technological parameters," IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices vol.51, no.5 : 701-7 , May 2004.

G. Timp, J. Bude, K. Bourdelle, J. Garno, M. Green, H. Gossmann, G. Forsyth, Y. Kim, R. Kleiman, A. Kornblit, F. Klemens, C. Lochstampfor, W. Mansfield, S. Moccio, T. Sorsch, W. Timp, D. Tennant, R. Tung, "The Ballistic Nano-transistor," 1999 IEDM Tech. Dig.

G. Timp, J. Bude, K. Bourdelle, J. Garno, M. Green, H. Gossmann, Y. Kim, R. Kleiman, A. Kornblit, F. Klemens, S. Moccio, D. Muller, P. Silverman, T. Sorsch, W. Timp, D. Tennant, R. Tung, B. Weir, "35nm CMOS Technology and the Unrelenting March to Zero," Proceedings of Int'l Symp. on Surface Sci. for Micro- and Nano- Device Fabrication, Tokyo, JP, 11/99.

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