Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Michael Armstrong

Research Staff
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-423-5702

Ph.D. Physics
University of Rochester
M.A. Physics
University of Rochester
B.S. Physics
New Mexico State University

Research Interests

Ultrafast phenomena in condensed phase chemical reactions, molecular coordination in macromolecules and phase transitions, nonlinear optical phenomena, ultrafast electron imaging and diffraction, and the development of instruments to examine ultrafast regimes.

Recent Publications

King, W. E., M. R. Armstrong, O. Bostanjoglo, and B. W. Reed, "High Speed Electron Microscopy," Science of Microscopy, eds. Peter Hawkes and John Spence (Springer Verlag), to be published (2006).

Armstrong, M. R., J. P. Ogilvie, M. L. Cowan, A. M. Nagy, and R. J. D. Miller, "Observation of the Cascaded Atomic-to-Global Length Scales Driving Protein Motion," PNAS 100, 4990 (2003).

Armstrong, M. R., J. P. Ogilvie, M. L. Cowan, A. M. Nagy, and R. J. D. Miller, "Primary Processes of Ligand Dissociation of Heme Proteins," Ultrafast Phenomena XIII. Springer Series in Chemical Physics, eds. R. J. D. Miller, M. M. Murnane, N. F. Scherer, and A. M. Weiner (Springer-Verlag, N.Y.) 71, 605 (2003).

Armstrong, M. R., P. Plachta, E. A. Ponomarev, and R. J. D. Miller, "Versatile 7 fs Optical Parametric Generation and Compression Using Adaptive Optics. Opt. Lett. 26, 1152 (2001).

Yan Liao, R. J. D. Miller, and M. R. Armstrong, "Pressure Tuning of Thermal Lensing for High-Power Scaling," Opt. Lett. 24, 1343 (1999).

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