Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Leonardus Bimo Bayu Aji

Postdoctoral Appointment
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-424-2721

Ph.D. Physics
Australian National University, Australia
M.Sc. Materials Science and Engineering
Case Western Reserve University
B.S. Engineering Physics
Institute Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Research Interests

  • The structure and properties of amorphous materials with a focus on amorphous forms of silicon.
  • Mechanical deformation mechanisms in crystalline and amorphous solids.
  • Irradiation induced defects in solids.
  • Mechanical and electrical properties of amorphous and crystalline semiconductors.

Selected (Recent) Publications

Leonardus B. Bayu Aji, S. Ruffell, B. Haberl, J.E. Bradby and J.S. Williams. JMR. 28(8) (2013).

B. Haberl, Leonardus B. Bayu Aji, J.E. Bradby and J.S. Williams. JMR. 27(24), 2012.

B.C. Johnson, N. Stavrias, B. Haberl, Leonardus B. Bayu Aji, J.E. Bradby, J.C. McCallum and J.S. Williams: in Proceedings of the conference on Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices (COMMAD), 2012 p.89.

Leonardus B. Bayu Aji and P. Pirouz. Physica Status Solidi A. 207(5), 2009.

P. Pirouz, S. Wang, Leonardus B. Bayu Aji, M. Zhang and J.-L. Demenet. Phys. Status Solidi C. 2(6), 2005.

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