Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Kristl Adams

Research Scientist
Materials Science Division

 +1 925-424-6856

Ph.D. Biological Physics
Purdue University
M.S. Physics
Purdue University
B.S. Physics, Math
Stephen F. Austin State University

Research Interests

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - LLNL

  • NMR experiments utilizing 300-600MHz magnets, spectrometers, probes
  • Design / build nuclear acoustic resonance (NAR) low temperature probe
  • Project goals: gas, liquid, solid, and polymer measurements, temperature effects, and kinetics for CBRNE detection applications and ozone / environmental impact

Portable Capillary Electrophoresis / Nuclear Magnetic Resonance system - LLNL

  • Instrument design and testing of hardware and software for prototype portable flow-through combined CE / NMR system
  • Develop assay protocol for electrophoretic separation / detection of fluorinated complexes
  • Electronically characterize lithographic microcoils, provide micromolar NMR sensitivity
  • Project goals: Laser induced fluorescence will be used with isotachophoresis to allow precision control of relevant CE plug into microcoil for integration with NMR detection

Single Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometry - LLNL

  • Design / maintain / operate fieldable SPAMS system - D/I laser MS, multiple fluoresces stages, c/w lasers/PMTs for tracking/sizing, turbo vacuum pumps, charge induction stage, aerosol generation, and particle chamber
  • Experiments include CBRNE simulant detection in atmospheric aerosols
  • Tuberculosis detection and differentiation from near neighbor bacilli in human and bovine respiratory effluents
  • Extensive data analysis, contribute to LLNL designed MATLAB analysis programs
  • Explosives Breath Detection - LLNL
  • Integral role in obtaining seedling funds, including project scope, design, and presentations to DARPA program manager
  • GCMS / differential mobility spectrometer (DMS) instrument development / signature analysis for detection of explosives and disease metabolites in human breath
  • Wrote and defended IRB application for human studies
  • Autonomous multiplexed PCR for detection of human viruses - LLNL
  • Designed and operated instrumentation, assay and protocol improvements for diagnosis of respiratory infections from clinical nasal swabs
  • Microfluidics liquid array, inline RT-PCR amplification for multiplexed detection of Flu, Adeno, and RSV based on xMAP fluorescent microsphere detection
  • Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS) - Purdue / ANL
  • Supervised round-the-clock, week-long experiments and data analysis at Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Photon Source, XOR beamline
  • Operation of specialized synchrotron beamline for high resolution x-ray spectroscopy - dual monochromators, undulators, motor controls, helium cryostat, array photodiode detector

Honors and Awards

  • Attended Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Concepts and Techniques School, 2008
  • Science Outreach Program Coordinator, Purdue University, 1999-2005
  • NIH Training Grant for Biophysical Studies of Proteins, Nucleic Acids, and Viruses, 2001-2003
  • Attended National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering at Argonne National Laboratory, 2001
  • William H. Bailey Outstanding Graduate Award, 1999
  • Society of Physics Students President, 1999


  • American Society for Mass Spectrometry
  • American Physical Society
  • Biophysical Society
  • Women in Physics
  • Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity
  • Alpha Chi, National Honor Scholarship Society

Selected (Recent) Publications

Adams, K.L., Steele, P.T., Bogan, M.J., Sadler, N.M., Martin, S.I., Martin, A.N., Frank, M. "Reagentless detection of Mycobacteria tuberculosis H37Ra in respiratory effluents in minutes," Analytical Chemistry 80, 5350-5357 (2008).

Frank M., Farquar, G., Adams, K.L., Bogan M., Martin, A., Benner, H., Spadaccini, C., Steele, P. "Modular sampling and analysis techniques for the real-time analysis of human breath," IEEE Sensors 6, 10-13 (2007).

Adams, K.L., Tsoi, S., Yan, J., Durbin, S.M., Ramdas, A.K., Cramer, W.A., Sturhahn, W., Alp, E.E., Schulz, C. "Fe vibrational spectroscopy of myoglobin and cytochrome f," Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110, 530-536 (2006).

Adams, K.L., Yan, J., Tsoi, S., Durbin, S., Ramdas, A.K., Cramer, W., Sturhahn, W., Alp, E.E. "Improved low frequency spectroscopy of Fe dynamics in cytochrome f; a comparison of resonant Raman with nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy," Biophysical Journal 84(2), 150a (2003).

Adams, K.L., Klunder, G., Demas, V., Malba, V., Berhardt, A., Evan, L., Harvey, C., Maxwell, R., Herberg, J.L. "Low-cost CE-NMR with microcoils for chemical detection," Diffusion Fundamentals, accepted (2009).

Regan, J.F., L├ętant, S.E., Bentley, Tammero, Ortiz, J.I., Derlet, W., Cohen, S., Nguyen, N.T., Adams, K.L., Vitalis, E.A., Colston, B.W., McBride, M.T., Birch, J.M. "Development and evaluation of an automated multiplex RT-PCR liquid array instrument for the detection of respiratory pathogens," Journal of Clinical Virology, submitted (2009).

Demas, V., Bernhardt, A., Malba, V., Adams, K.L., Evans, L., Harvey, C., Maxwell, R.S., Herberg, J.L. "Electronic characterization of lithographically patterned microcoils for high sensitivity NMR detection," Journal of Magnetic Resonance, submitted (2009).

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