Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Monica Borucki

Biomedical Scientist
Biosciences and Biotechnology Division

 +1 925-424-4251

Ph.D. Microbiology
Colorado State University
M.S. Biology
California Polytechnic State University
B.A. Microbiology
California Polytechnic State University

Research Interests

Emerging virus detection and characterization, pathogen subtyping, molecular epidemiology, and viral forensics

Selected Publications

Borucki MK, Allen JE, Chen-Harris H, Zemla A, Vanier G, et al. (2013) The Role of Viral Population Diversity in Adaptation of Bovine Coronavirus to New Host Environments. PLoS ONE 8: e52752.

Chen-Harris H, Borucki M, Torres C, Slezak T, Allen J (2013) Ultra-deep mutant spectrum profiling: improving sequencing accuracy using overlapping read pairs. BMC Genomics 14: 96.

A New Method to Track Viral Evolution Science & Technology Review December, 2011

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